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What does a man who cooks bring to a relationship?

Komal Soni | Posted on 13 Jan 2017
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Men in the Kitchen - Better at Relationships?

How sexy is a man who can cook? Verrrry. Deliciously so.

So, I’m no great shakes in the pans and ladle department. Correction: I’m as good (or terrible) as zero at rustling up something appetising. I can make a decent cup of tea. And a mean slice of toast – and it takes some talent to know exactly when to flip the bread for it to get that gorgeous golden glow. Oh yes, it does. I kid you not. But a proper meal? Umm… I’ve that article to finish. And TV show to watch. And phone call to make. You get the whiff… I mean, drift.

My first boyfriend taught me how to make black, herbal tea. Just when to add the tea leaves to the water. Just how many of the fragrant herbs to add to the mix. Just how long to let the said tea leaves brew. Just how sweet was he (sigh)… we were together for three blissful years. This was way before reality TV and cook shows ruled the roost – and male chefs were a well-kept secret.

Then came the boy who loved his Kashmiri food. Who couldn’t stop rhapsodising about goshtaba and rogan josh and dum aloo. And kahwa. The Kashmiri kahwa, way better than any black, herbal tea I could offer. Harrumph! As if that wasn’t distasteful enough, I was constantly subjected to, “You will have to learn how to cook… I can’t be with a girl who can’t…” I HAVE to do nothing I don’t want to. Except run far, far away from him. The relationship met a not-very-sweet end in roughly 2 months.    

And then. Boy with a taste and skill for mutton biryani: many, many years of togetherness. Vegetarian Sindhi boy who expected me to stick to convention: 7 not-very-fruitful months… or was it 6 (do I sound like I care?). To the boy who loved cooking breakfast for me on my weekends home (a keeper!). Who would happily take to the kitchen whenever we were entertaining (did I say, a KEEPER!). And outside of the kitchen, who would encourage me, inspire me, enjoy ME.

Clearly, men with aprons it is for me.

Because men who hold the ladle also hold me close, tight, cherishing the flavour I bring to our lives. They know how to nurture a relationship. They understand that sometimes all it takes is a gentle hand to really make a relationship (their girl) blossom.

And spicing things up is sometimes necessary (who better than a man who delights in playing with food to know exactly which ingredients to use for the said spicing). And that relationships, like wine, only get better with age.

And men who cook have the patience to watch you age; better still, age with you.  

And that they look dishy doing it, only adds to their keeper-quotient.


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