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Relishing the marriage ladoo

sweetness of love & marriage

The Marriage Anthem for relishing the marriage ‘Ladoo’ 

Be there for each other, be a team and go with the flow,
Let your love know you are there forever so,
Love can be very kind, nurture it and let your bond grow.
Understand the needs of your partner and let your needs also be known,
Listen raptly to what your partner wants to convey,
Build the love to put across your point in a gentle sway,
Respect for each other makes your marriage stronger,
Be the best of friends who confide in each other.
Share your work and step in to help when there is a need,
Be there to cheer up when your love is disappointed with life or feeling low in self-esteem.
Remember to cherish all that is positive,
Avoid focus on the negatives.
Keep it simple, no egos and no pride that can hurt you both,
Be willing to forgive and forget, and at times ignore.
You both have flaws and let them be there as your love blooms,
Just let go and move ahead and let regret have no room.
Give each other space for growth but still
Do not leave any gaps or space for anyone else to fill.
Renew your love every day with little gestures that touch the heart and soul,
Make it perfect for your happiness alone.
Keep the nuances of appreciation alive,
‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Miss you’ – let them be heard in time.
Have your little fights but make them short.
Frame the walls of trust to shield your bond,
From the highs and lows that life demands.
Remember always to fill your home with a daily dose of laughter,
These are my golden rules for a marriage to last happily ever after.

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  1. Very true Ranjana… Marriage is not something that happens on the seventh phera.. It is something that we have to work at every single moment.. we need to build it step by step each day of your life together…❣️

  2. *a daily dose of laughter* it’s a magical ingredient of its own. I am sure so many of our frowns, worries and problems would disappear if just learn to laugh at it and keep making each other laugh.

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