Reminiscing Old Love

Geetika Gupta

I’m going to disappoint you. But you knew that already. I was going to tell you the truth, but you learned it before!

So, what if I got married? How could I ever tell you this? And you did too. I know you waited for me for a long time, but you finally did!

Listen, I love you. Always have and always will.

I remember the first time, when I came to your house, with your permission of course, and you decided to teach me subjects of our course. You were such a kind soul. And I was the dumb one. But hey, we were friends! Really good friends. I always admired your curvaceous body. But I never understood why you were always after reducing some extra pounds. You looked pretty good. Cute, in fact. And hot to the core! Your skin was flawless and I loved it. I didn’t even realize when I started falling for you.

Picking and dropping you was my daily ritual. The way you held your hands on my shoulders on our way, those little chats we enjoyed after our classes, those ice-cream dates, those late-night phone calls, helping each other with studies, we were completely each other’s support system. Young love is so innocent, isn’t it? And it had spread its magic on us just perfect!

I remember when you were home for studies and I was all alone in the house. We sat on my bed and you started teaching me. My feet touched yours in a fluke, and I suddenly moved them back, for I didn’t want to ruin things between us and you know how shy I was. Your look that evening almost killed me, fiery eyes, smug smile. I was confused!

What did you want?

And you didn’t waste a single second and held me close to you. God, it was electrifying! Your body touched mine for the first time. I could feel your breasts. And man, they were so big! It was always my fantasy to feel and caress those things underneath your t-shirt. I provoked you further by placing my hands on your body at inappropriate places. You were smart to pick up the hints. Fervently, you moved forward and kissed me and I kissed you back and we were panting! I knew it was wrong, and so did you, but we weren’t yet ready to finish such enticing business of ours!

Soon you were riding, right on top of me! And I could never forget your face then; so wild, so erotic, so turned on! I’d never witnessed such thing before. And I was supposed to be on top and make the first move, but you were agile.

It was the best evening of my life.

Followed by a couple of similar evenings.

One day, my parents were out of town, and my grandmom was staying with me. I knew she would sleep early, so my mind had already started making plans! Naughty plans!

It was 3.30 in the morning and we were still glued to the phone. As you lived right across the street, I asked if you could come over. I somewhere thought it wouldn’t be possible for you, but given the fact how daring you were and our love had no boundaries; I had no doubts.

And you were ready to show up, for our passionate rendezvous.

I got up from my bed to open the door, and you were there, right in front of me! You really loved me!

I was ecstatic.

I took you in my arms and let you in. The lights were dimly lit and I came forward to undress you. I wanted to see you all naked, and witness your gait, naked! We kissed, we caressed, we played with our bodies.

It was perfect.

Time flew by and we had to part our ways.

And now, years later, we’re finally meeting each other.

Just for once, I so want to get back together. I know you do too. The spark in your eyes, the glow on your skin says it all.

Let’s do this, for the sake of old times…

And we can always tell our husbands we are going to meet in general, the way friends do! I’m sure they won’t mind, as long as we maintain our little secret!

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