Retake and Action

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‘Retake and Action”

Today as she glances at the pattern of sunlight falling on the pavement through the trees bouncing off the roof of the church opposite her house on a cold frosty morning, she looks back on their long journey called marriage. The journey which started decades ago is now ‘the social event’ of their lives’. She understands now, that the reams of research and age old experience can for sure make this journey fun and long lasting.

It all starts officially with a wedding date and a befitting wedding dress but in their case it started with making the arrangements for the two families; one hailing from up north with ‘blazing guns’ in their DNA and the other a ‘headstrong lot’, originally from the west but with deep rooted thinking of the east. The anticlimax of the story was as the families blessed the alliance and fell into perfect harmony with each other, the two were still finding their common anthem. As the story goes, two very similar people locked in holy matrimony were stumbling, falling, running, screaming through mortgages, groceries, jobs and bills but constantly marching ahead together. The charade does become too difficult when two equally skilled people are in the boxing ring, well most often it looks like an arena, when two people are stepping out of their comfort zones. After all, both are learning and unlearning and as my folks say, good things for sure it do not come easy they have to be built and nurtured over time.

The race had started even before they had learnt to match their steps together. In this race most times they ran fast and at other times one of them was caught napping. It felt as if the duet was completely out of tune as they watched others sing in ‘perfect harmony’.

But he would always tell his bride, ‘marriage is not about you and me but it’s all about us’.

Then the miracle happens, that glue that sticks it all, arrives into their lives. While she was learning to comprehend the hormones and her oversized body, he was adapting to the new role and the sleepless nights. Working was important to both of them so while the breakfasts were most often burnt toasts and days a race against time, they would still find a reason to happily dance to the 80’s music constantly playing in their heads even though nothing was sticking to the love manual. She looks back at the path traversed, it was full of magic and adventure they were discovering life’s joys in supermarkets, school drops, powerpoints and in the little one’s tantrums.

It was game on. Every now and then there was one large scream across the house corridor declaring that he is not to lose his chivalry in the rush of life and pick up the shoes and the wet towels. He frowned in retaliation but as the years passed he started picking the perfect ladies fingers and the groceries. He played the perfect host on the weekends doing the dishes and cook the perfect chicken, attend the kids birthdays parties and charmingly banter with the hot mums in the morning school run and the 80 year old Margaret in the evening. Just like that she would forget all about the hectic week gone by and step right beside him. They say that twists and turns in this long journey makes you an expert over time. Well, they did become ‘cleaning up’ experts from dishes, bathrooms, diapers to each other’s faults.

Sometimes true love takes a detour in the humdrum of life but they say it never dies. Most often it feels that a couple are taking two steps forward and three back, as if one is doing the Waltz and the other a Foxtrot but amazingly the couple learn to be in sync.


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