Can The Hymen Be Reconstructed Through Revirgination Procedure?

Hymen Reconstruction

I am 25 years old. I was in a relationship with a guy for two years. We were madly in love with each other and it was a given that we would get married. We had sexual intercourse but then he left me. I want to go for revirgination now. I was wondering how long does it take to become a virgin again.

I Want To Go For Revirgination

I had a very regular sex life with my boyfriend. The first time we had intercourse I had bled because of my torn hymen. Then our sex life became very regular. I used to go to his apartment and we would make out for at least three times a week. We used precautions like condoms.

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He wanted to progress in his career

While they started to pressurize me in my home to get married to my boyfriend, who was my age, he wanted to settle down in his career a bit more before he got married.
Then with time I realised that he was losing interest in marrying me. We would have frequent fights over the wedding. Then one fine day he told me he did not want any physical relationship with me anymore. I was shattered.

understand your body

No intercourse for a year

We broke up a year back and since then I haven’t had any sexual interaction with anyone. My parents have fixed my marriage now and he is nice guy. But after talking to him a few times I have understood that he is very conservative.

I have not told him anything about my earlier relationship. Now I am scared that if I do not bleed on my wedding night my marriage could be in trouble.

Is it possible to reconstruct my hymen through revirgination? Please help.

She wants to go for revirgination surgery

Dear Lady,

More often than not, it is a momentum which someone cannot control and enter into the very first sexual act. Later on in Indian society, they regret a lot and feel psychologically depressed and guilty.

Women still get stressed about their virginity

In Indian society especially the young generation is adapting the westernized culture at a very fast pace. Millennials are absolutely comfortable getting into sexual acts before marriage, especially Indian women. 

But strangely when they get married there are very few partners who are comfortable about their wives non-virgin status. That’s why women, who have lost their virginity before marriage, get stressed out to discuss their status of lost virginity.

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The tearing of the hymen

Losing virginity is a very small physical change but it has social and emotional aspects as well. On external appearance, one will not find any drastic changes but in your private areas, there is a loss of membrane which was present since birth.

The hymen is a soft tissue membrane present in every girl since birth. It has various sizes and shapes. During first penetrative intercourse, it will get stretched and broken down.

This can lead to pain or bleeding at that time. Consequently one will not find pain or bleeding in ongoing sexual acts.

Revirgination meaning

The hymen can be reconstructed and revirgination for social reasons is possible. It is a minor procedure of recreation of the hymen. It is also called Hymenoplasty. In countries like India or other Asian countries, it is quite popular. It can be done safely.

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The procedure of hymenoplasty

No one can make out from the external appearance that a girl is a virgin or not. It can be found out by medical checkups or by partners while intercourse. But there are women who do not want their grooms to have doubts about their virginity on their wedding night.

So they go for revirgination or hymenoplasty. It is a minor surgery and the procedure can be done in day care. The cost of the revirgination surgery is between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000. In my practice of more than 20 years I have performed many revirgination procedures. It is truly a minor procedure women undergo to avoid complications in their marriage.

After the procedure you cannot have sex for a month.

Hope this helps

Riddhi Shukla

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