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15 tips to ride a man like a pro

Take sex to the next level by trying the woman-on-top position with these tips.
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Sex should be anything but monotonous. While romantic kisses and the usual lovemaking sessions have their own place in our bedrooms, sometimes it is nice to break free and do something exciting and adventurous. And what could be more thrilling for a woman than to take control over her man and ride him like a pro?

Sounds good fun, doesn’t it?

For someone who has just thought about taking things up a notch, we have some good and some bad news. The bad news is it could hurt and get all messy, you could end up with your hair everywhere and sweating as if you just returned from hitting the gym. However, with just the right moves, you can make your man go horny and want you all the more. Plus, you get to dominate him, sitting on top.

Top 15 tips to ride your man like a pro

“Should I try?” “Will I get it right?” These thoughts would have crossed your mind a zillion times. Some of us might not be comfortable showing ourselves on the top, but mind you it’s worth giving a try. And once you do so, your man sees the other side of you taking on full control, going wild and looking sexy as never before. So come on, girls, it’s time to take the bull by the … Huh. Here are a few tips.

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From childhood, our brains have been tuned to supress our emotions and not discuss our physical preferences. Sex is and will probably remain taboo, talking of what you like and don’t like during sex is still a hush-hush affair. So how do you take charge or even be ready for it?

Shed all your inhibitions. Sex is not just for men. It is important for the well-being of yourself and your relationship. Be confident under your skin. Your shape or size doesn’t really matter. Let that passion inside you ignite your man as well.

Well, put on your sexy dress or lingerie, dim those lights and play some music to set the tone.

1. Go slow

First and foremost, do not be in a hurry. Enjoy each other, be playful and have some foreplay. And when it’s time, surprise your guy by being all over him. Play with his hair, plant a few kisses here and there, don’t just pounce on him, on full attack mode!

2. Be comfortable

It might sound strange, but being comfortable while getting into the act is very important. Do not feel you are showing a lot of yourself. Shed all the inhibitions and get ready to be the lady of the game. You might not know, but this new avatar of yours with your body over him is enough to drive him crazy.

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3. No hair dandling on your face

Sexy though it may seem, make sure to tie up your hair. You will not like your hair coming in the way on to you or his face when you guys are steaming in passion.

4. Maintain eye contact

The beauty of this position is that both you and your partner can look at each other (eye to eye) in some variations, though you both can face the wall or you can face his knees and let him enjoy the view of your booty. If he is a booty guy, enjoy when he tries to get high and holds you there. Support yourself with the corner of the bed or put a pillow under your man’s booty to have deeper penetration. Smooching or just casually caressing and kissing is so awesome too.

5. Find a suitable position

Try whatever is comfortable. You are in charge, but be careful with your man when you try to ride on him. Be careful with the genital and testicles. Do not go very fast, or you will end up hurting him and pressing his thighs.

6. Arouse him

He is almost there, but a little more passion will get him aroused. Touch his genitals, the area near it, his stomach and thighs. He is just getting into the rhythm. So be patient until you feel he is all excited.

7. Get into a tempo

Now that you both are comfortable, get into a rhythm. You can either hold his thighs, or put your elbows on his chest. Fold one leg of yours or both and go up and down or try sideways. He can hold your breasts or your hands.

8. Guys love it

Oh yes! The guys love this position. They get to see your boobs going up and down as you move yourself. He gets to press your breasts and take them into his mouth. It’s very intimate too. You can easily lean on him, kiss, nibble his ears, play with his tits, pull his hair and whisper a few romantic, arousing or nasty words, whatever you both like.

9. A little work out and rest

Woman on top might also be a workout session for some. It’s like squatting while trying to get the penis inside you. So go slow and let “practice makes a man perfect” work in your case as well.

10. Make the most of this control

Since you are in charge, so be in control of your body and his. If you feel he is getting softer, take a little break, do some foreplay and start again. If he is very hard, be careful not to push him very deep into you with force. You never know, you might get into an awkward position while he risking a fracture. Yeah, don’t laugh. It is possible.

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11. Involve him

It’s not that you are in charge so the man can lie like a dead fish. Ask him if he would like to fold his knee or change posture. This position allows you to easily slide down and give him a blowjob too.

12. Try different moves

You can have his leg lying down or bending his knees. You can ride him on the sides, front and back and not just up and down.

13. Be the man

Strange as it may sound, you are the boss now. Since you are on top and your guy is in a submissive position, do those things similar to what he does when he climbs on you. Playing with his nipples, appreciate his wide shoulders and chest. Pull his earlobes, kiss his neck.

14. Be vocal

Tell him how you like him penetrating you and guide him in reaching the spot. Do not supress your emotions. Some men like moaning and it’s a big turn-on for them.

15. Cuddle

You can be on top, but can come still very close, like sitting on each other’s lap with legs pressed on each other’s hips and kissing each other at different places while playing with hands too while he gets inside you. He can stroke you and this can lead to a heated orgasm for both or just you.

So go have passionate and erotic lovemaking, and with time and practice we are sure you will master the art of riding your man … and believe me, definitely like a PRO.

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