How to romance your cubicle buddy

Sohini Sengupta
couple doing office romance

Office romance is mostly considered taboo

Yet it holds attraction for those stuck in the mundane life of professional drudgery. But it is not an easy romance to carry out, here is how to for them fellow hoomans making googly eyes at their colleagues

Romance in a box

Not every story takes a Jerry Maguire turn where your colleague gets you at hello! Then how do we do this? You know you have been carrying a deeply hidden crush for your content head but you could do nothing because neither the office regulations nor your romantic luck were on your side. It is clearly a difficult feat to pull off, yet there are so many perks of it.

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Why we romance a co-worker

In all probability, you are in a profession that requires you to spend most of your time in your cubicle than anywhere else. You have had your ex-partners complain that they did not see you enough.

Well, voila! You both work in the same space. You are hounded by the same amount of work that keeps you bound to your chair and your shoulders are available for each other’s tears. That is the best bit about dating your colleague; he or she is right around the corner for a quick coffee machine date.
You do not have to worry as much about not being able to meet your partner over dinner as often as you want to, because you can easily spend your lunch together.

Also, both of you being a part of the same organisation, you understand each other’s professional constraints, taking away that tension from the relationship. You understand the problems and perks of your employer, which makes it easier to find a better balance between the two of you.

How to date a co-worker

It is important that you take a good look at your company’s policies. Some institutes have clear rules about dating within the organisation, whereas in others it is not so much in the print as it is in a general opinion. It is important that you do not get into legal hassles for the sake of romance. If it is a clear ‘no’ in the rulebook of your company, then you must realise that you must sacrifice your dating life or just try to keep things under the radar.

If there is no such clause, then you either risk the office Chinese whispers and keep your romantic life alive or just succumb to the pressure of gossip and let go of your chance of another breakup. Now getting the logistics behind us, if you still decide to get on board with your office romance, here are a couple of reasons that you might prefer not to.

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It is great that both of you are in the same environment to have an idea about the office culture and the amount of pressure. But you also have your professional life opened wide to your partner. It is important sometimes to segregate your work and your personal life. A casual fling in the cubicle is easier to deal with than trying to create a sustainable relationship with your colleague.

You must take into account that bringing the burden of work home can create so much trouble in a relationship. What might happen when a relationship is built amidst that chaos?

Another thing to take care of is the power balance in the relationship, and by power I do not mean personal, but professional, hierarchies. The case of a senior engaging with a junior romantically is a problematic situation, as your colleagues might look at it as a more materialistic exchange than take into account the emotional quotient. So, understand the political situation of your office and the legal conditions before looking at the possibility of a cubicle romance.

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