Rules For Fools

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‘Marriage is a wonderful institution…..but who wants to live in an institution?’

Turns out, many of us do. So, if you are one of the fools who have jumped on the bandwagon, let’s help you get it right.

Presenting some rules, for the married fools.

Agree to Disagree – You are a coffee person, he loves cutting chai. You have never seen the morning sun; he doesn’t even need an alarm to wake up at 6.

From clothes, to choice of movies, to your take on money, relationships…you think differently about almost everything. How do you tackle this? Do realise that we are all a product of our upbringing and circumstances and try to be tolerant of each other’s quirks and thought process. Basically, agree to disagree.

Stop being Peter Pan- ‘M’ for Marriage, ‘M’ for Maturity. You may have been your Maa ka Laadla or Dad ki Pari so far, but now it’s time to grow up. You must realise that parental love is generally unconditional, but a spouse’s love and respect has to be earned. To earn the respect of your spouse, learn to live with maturity and responsibility. This does not mean that your fun filled days are over. Just remember that you are no longer responsible only for yourself. There is another person involved .

Learn to Share- Nothing is yours alone, any longer. Not even your washroom. Learn to share ….your happiness, sorrows, burdens and responsibilities, share it all with your better half.

Give Space- Respect each other’s need for space and give it to each other. Don’t breathe down each other’s back.

Love conquers all – Believe that you are together because of mutual love and let the rest follow.

After all, Happily ever after need not be confined to fairy tales.


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