4 Sacred Games Dialogues To Die For

Sukanya Majumdar
Sacred games part 2 released

The ₹1 billion Sacred Games 2 is Netflix’s biggest bet in India so far. Based on Vikram Chandra’s 2006 novel by the same name, Sacred Games Season 1 is a true story. India’s first original TV series was a treat to watch, with edge-of-the-seat plot twists. With the trailer for the second season of Sacred Games out, we cannot wait to see what it has in store for the audience in its 32-episode playlist. The characters depicted on the show have been hard-hitting, most notably perhaps that of Ganesh Gaitonde and so are the Sacred Games dialogues.

The Netflix series has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. While the start of the second season has triggered off a debate about which season of Sacred Games is better, we present some of the best dialogues and scenes from Sacred Games.

1. “Hindu Hotel se apun yeh sikha ke, dharam ke naam par janta ko kitna ch*****a banaya ja sakta hai”- Gaitonde

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Gaitonde Image source

I watched and rewatched the scene where Gaitonde walks out of the Hindu hotel, after stuffing chicken legs inside the rice of the vegetarian plates at the hotel, even as the infuriated customers start beating up the owner. Our religious sentiments can truly get us in trouble, in ways we don’t even realize. The dialogue is all about impact.

2. “Aadmi jitna andar se kaala hota hai, utna duniya ke samne safed banne ki koshish karta hai”-Gaitonde

Another truth bomb dropped by Ganesh Gaitonde. “The darker a person is inside, the whiter image they try to show in front of the world.”

Ironically, the darkest people often shine the brightest when in the public eye.

Perhaps they get equipped to hide what’s truly inside.

3. “Jannat to main hun. Jisko jannat dekhni hoti hai na, woh mere paas aate hain”-Kukoo

When Gaitonde whistles the beautiful eunuch, Kukoo and tells her to come with him in his car just to compete with the don Isa, she reminds him that he better not act like a jerk if he wanted to be the good guy. She also reminds him that if the heroine runs away with the hero of the movie in the very beginning, the movie will be a flop for sure (smart girl!). The movie will be a blockbuster one only when the good guy defeats the bad guy and finally gets the girl for himself. This actually shows that she really wants Gaitonde to be the good guy. This dialogue was Kukoo’s response to Gaitonde telling her that he can take her to heaven (Jannat) once she gets in his car.

kubbra sait played Mukku role in sacred games

Kubbra Sait as Kukoo Image source

4. “Velvet handcuffs. Police ka lagta hai Sir. Aapne use kiya hai kabhi?”-Katekar

Sartaj Singh, along with his assistant Katekar come to a room for investigation. It is evident from Katekar’s dialect and mannerisms that he comes from an impoverished village background. When he looks at the king-sized bed, he exclaims that all the members of his family can sleep on this bed. He looks at the velvet handcuffs on the wall and asks Sartaj what they are meant for. When they open the cupboard, they see more similar kinds of apparatus kept by Bunty and Sartaj explains Katekar that they are meant for BDSM purposes, he also talks about how pain and pleasure often can be interchangeably used in bed.

Katekar’s epic reaction to this is, “Let’s take these to the police station, we’ll have pain and pleasure together- it’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Some of the dialogues of Sacred Games were funny and incisive. Let’s see what Sacred Games 2 has in store.

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