When Salman Khan declared that he has found his girl

Reasons why Salman Khan is still unmarried

The moment Salman tweeted about getting a girl the nation rejoiced in happiness. So, is Salman Khan finally getting married?

Salman Khan’s marriage – The national obsession

All hell broke down in our country on Monday night when our national bachelor Salman Khan tweeted “Mujhe ladki mil gayi”.

We did not care so much about Sensex crashing, we were just happy that our “Bhai” finally has got a “girl” to get married to.

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Over the years Salman Khan’s marriage has become national obsession. He is like that relative of ours who is still unmarried when all the others from his generation and even the next have already got hitched.

As the nosy relative, it has become our obsession to ask him about his wedding plans all the time.

Getting fed up with the constant third-degree torture, he had once said that he would declare on Twitter the moment he would find a girl for himself.

salman talking

So the moment he tweeted about getting a girl the nation rejoiced in happiness. It was assumed to be the declaration he had promised. A floodgate of congratulations opened up. His tweet was retweeted thousands of times. People started anticipating the wedding plans.

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However, all excitement stayed only for a few hours or rather till Salman’s next tweet surfaced.

Alas, he was only talking about the new face he has found for his upcoming venture “Loveratri” starring his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma.

Salman played with our emotions but we can’t be too mad at him because he gets away with his innocent smile every time.

He has found out some gorgeous ladies for Bollywood and we hope the latest find Warina Hussain will be another burning star in the list.

We also hope to see Salman as a groom soon because as a nation we never ever give up.

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