How to be a sanskari bahu? Funny things Indian TV shows has taught us

Ekta Kapoor teaching us about being sanskari bahu since day 1.

Well, here’s to Indian soap opera for bringing out some outright hilarious thing about married life that most definitely doesn’t happen in real life or at least so we hope. But if you want to be a perfect sanskari bahu from daily soap serials be ready for these things!

Things you should do to become a sanskari bahu

Wake up in heavy sarees and jewelry with a full face of intact and on point makeup. Who knows when you’d have to seduce your husband or be ready for an overzealous and dramatic party? Must look perfect. 

Say ‘nahi’ thrice every time something horrible happens. Pooja ka thali has been dropped! NAHI. Someone died? NAHI! Someone ruined your good time with your husband by a knock on the door at an ungodly hour? VERY BIG NAHI. It’s going to drive the point home that something awful has happened and it deserves an outrageous reaction that you as a sanskari bahu is in charge of!

Follow the daily soap rules

Do not let your Pooja ka diya blow out or it is going to cost you your husband’s life. No false news. All true. Follow this as seriously as you follow karwachauth ka vrat. Must say a diya has got some really phenomenal superpower to have control over lives and deaths of people.

And educated bahu means a bad cook. Do not find logic in this equation, it is what it is. 

A good bahu also watches videos about being sanskari bahu like this one, so what are you waiting for?

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