To say or not to say

Marriage problems

Sometimes there are things that bug me. Sometimes I expect you to react in a certain manner and you don’t. Sometime I get pissed that how can you be so calm about something which is a big deal to me? Aren’t we partners? As husband and wife, aren’t we supposed to extend empathy and concern towards each other?

When I get too disturbed, I think to myself- May be, I am over reacting! But, am I?

If I do not like the fact that you do not take my opinion on ANY matter before coming to a conclusion, am I over expecting? If I want you take a stand for me, in front of your family, on issues that matter, am I demanding too much? <If I feel bad when you reply with a ‘Hmm’ when I text ‘ I love you’, am I over thinking? <If I get agitated when you don’t call me for 2 -3 days in a row because you were “busy”, am I over reacting?< Many a times, I decide that I will confront you. I will sit and talk to you about things that bother me. Sometimes, I even execute this decision. But sadly, 8 out of 10 times when I have spoken, you have either assumed that I am PMSing or hungry! And, trust me, that reaction has assured every time that I better keep my mouth shut! Why?


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