He says he will only marry her if she converts to Islam

She does not want to convert, but does not want to lose him either
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Dear ma’am,

My sister is in love with a Muslim boy and we belong to a Hindu family. The boy is a good match for my sister and they love each other, but my parents are not fully convinced. I am supporting her decision of marriage to that boy but I don’t like the idea of conversion.

The boy has said that he wants her to convert to Islam and then he’ll marry her. My sister is confused as she doesn’t want to convert just for marriage. At the same time, she doesn’t want to leave him.

I am really worried about my sister. Please suggest something because I can’t see my sister in this situation. She loves him very much and he also loves her truly. Please ma’am, please suggest something. It would be a great help.

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Snigdha Mishra says:


The only suggestion that I can give to you is that

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  1. The problem is that religion is an identifier. No one can reject his/her past. One uniquely identifies with the ancestral faith/beliefs/values/religion.

    The question is disturbing. No one should have to convert in an ideal situation. However when one converts for marriage, then the converted is accepted as a part of the faith. This adds to the trust. That is why in particular Abrahamic faiths insist conversion.

    Specifically in this case, the girl should not marry the Muslim lover but ask him to convert to Hinduism. That demand will never be met, because in Islam marriage can only happen between believers.

    It is this dilemma about love and marriage that is causing divorce and separation to go up. Also, given the current state of affairs in India, the girl should find out if her Muslim
    lover is a member of the sleeper cells in the country and has affiliation with the ISIS. Love is blind and can rob one of basic senses and logic.

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