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Finding healing and acceptance in relationships

Bad break-up leave you scarred? Dealing with a hot and cold partner?...Our expert speaks

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 14 Mar 2016

Dating again after a bad breakup or learning to accept differences in personality...psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert advice for your relationship issues

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An Affair With A Married Man | Bonobology.Com

I had an affair with a married man

- Shivi Goyal
Posted on : 26 Jun 2017

He seemed perfect to her so she fell in love although he was married. And then he broke up

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Ways to get over a Break Up |

Gym, Journals, Jagjit I got over my break-up

- Jitendra Pande
Posted on : 08 Mar 2016

Jitendra Pande shares five tried and tested ways of recovering from heartbreak

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Story of a Gay Couple: Where love dwells, fear has no place | Bonobology

When their worst fear came true, true love got this gay couple through

- Sujit Banerjee
Posted on : 03 May 2016

Sujit Banerjee tells the true story of a gay couple dealing with a partner's serious illness with utmost acceptance, grace and love

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The first year of Marriage | Bonobology

The first year of marriage

- Runa Mukherjee
Posted on : 19 Dec 2016

What happens when couples don't look beyond the wedding or honeymoon and have little idea about the practical side of living with and sharing space with a new person?

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How to break up in a Relationship? | Bonobology

Breaking up. Is there a right way?

- Deepak Kashyap
Posted on : 09 Feb 2017

Why do we find it so difficult to break up in person, and is it important to do so?

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What to do after a break up?

What to do after a break up?

How to deal with break up? Is rebound a good thing?

How to deal with break up? Is rebound a good thing?

I want to break up :(

Dear all

I am separated for more then a year and I got in live in relationship right after that , but... Read More

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We had a misunderstanding and now she won

Girlfriend left me due to a misunderstanding, am depressed

Name Withheld Posted on : 21 Mar 2017

Try and clear the misunderstanding with her, sometimes relationships don’t work out. If too upset seek help of a Psychotherapist

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How To Deal With External Stress During A Breakup

How to cope with external stress during a breakup

Prani Posted on : 10 Oct 2016

Take a deep breath and consider how it would have affected you otherwise

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I had a bad break up and unable to move on after breakup |

A bad break-up has left me wary of dating again. How do I snap out of it?

Ajay Sharma (35), stock market analyst Posted on : 16 May 2016

Normal as it is to experience sadness, one can easily spiral into a dysfunctional state that could have been avoided after the necessary time devoted to grieving and healing.

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Getting a call from ex after break up

I broke up with my ex six months back. It was sort of mutual decision but in my mind I always blame him for the break up. Just when I got over it I go... ... Read More

break up after long relationship

Have been dating this girl for over 7 years, but I feel that I have grown out of love with her. She thinks we will get married. I thought the same onc... ... Read More

Dumped with a punch

My girlfriend and my best friend shared a good connection and I never realised what connection it was, until one day I caught them making out in a the... ... Read More

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Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

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