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Divorce Rate Trends In Urban India Through The Legal Lens | Bonobology

Divorce trends in urban India through the legal lens

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 04 Jul 2016

Delhi based ace lawyer Osama Sohail speaks to us about the newest trend of most couples seeking divorce with mutual consent to avoid hassles

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There should be lots of honesty for a long-distance relationship to work

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 15 May 2017

Jaseena Backer, psychologist, talks to us about some of the common issues arising from maintaining a long distance relationship, and the best ways to deal with them

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She Was Like Aunty Acid | He Had No Sexual Desire | Bonobology.Com

Why Chachi became jealous, and how Chacha responded

- Abhijit Gadre
Posted on : 12 Jun 2017

Chacha was a mild-mannered man who never reacted to Chachi’s ranting and raving, until…

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