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Craving Sec During Pregnancy |

Some women crave sex and not lemons during pregnancy

- Roopal Kewalya
Posted on : 22 May 2016

Roopal Kewalya writes about her craving for sex, and not the more usual sour fruit, during pregnancy. She shares the horrified reactions her desire elicited from other women, including her friends!

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Monogamy Was Meant For The Housewife, Not Apsara, Says Devdutt Pattanaik | Bonobology

Monogamy was meant for the housewife, not the apsara - Devdutt Pattanaik

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 14 Jun 2016

Devdutt Pattanaik on the changing definition of fidelity and the challenges for the modern male

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Loss of Sex Drive after having kids | Bonobology

No sex, please, we're married

- Dr. Paras Shah
Posted on : 08 Feb 2017

Are stress, kids and work killing your desire?

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Thinking about Sex - Right or Wrong? |

Sex. A glass of water or a three-course meal?

- Bishwanath Ghosh
Posted on : 22 Feb 2016

Journalist and author Bishwanath Ghosh tries to call out our double standards about sex.

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Marriage - A working model with everyday costs

Does being married guarantee romance and desire?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 17 Mar 2016

Raksha Bharadia asks startling questions, and shares insightful revelations about romance, desire and satisfaction in marriage

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Bonobology.Com | The Nature of Romantic & Sexual Desire

Romantic desire...defies practicality, loves the forbidden

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 12 May 2016

Raksha Bharadia makes some insightful observations and asks some startling questions about the nature of romantic and sexual desire, and its role in marriage

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What women want from men

"Men are like a matchstick – they ignite quickly and they douse quickly too. And women are like iron – they take long to warm up and take ti...

Does marriage spell the end of romance?

Does being married mean that you can't be romantic with each other? Does being married make it difficult to be romantic with each other?

For a woman to have desire for sex is a bad thing in this country. Why? #lipstickundermyburkha

For a woman to have desire for sex is a bad thing in this country. Why?

Why are older women falling on younger guys for fulfillment of their desires ?

Why are older women falling on Younger guys for fulfillment of their desires ? Somehow they are often not sexually attracted to their husbands, desir... Read More

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He keeps me up the whole night

Jyoti Posted on : 23 Jun 2017

Try and do other activities as well

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Are Sexual compatibility and happy married life related? | Bonobology

His sex drive is less and now I don't care much either

Name Withheld Posted on : 01 Feb 2017

Talk with your husband, work with him to bring sex back

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Ask Deepak | Not Enjoying Sex With My Husband. Is Sex Important? | Bonobology

I'm not enjoying sex with my husband and feel like avoiding it. How important is sex in the relationship?

Name withheld Posted on : 07 Apr 2016

Sex is one area of our lives, where wrong choice of words and tone can hurt more than other areas. We feel the most vulnerable in our sexual natures of our bodies.

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