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After Break Up, Is It A Good Idea To Stay Friends With Our Ex? | Bonobology

Can we be Friends with our Exes?

- Rachna Parmar
Posted on : 12 Aug 2016

Rachna Parmar explores the implications of remaining friends with an ex-partner

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How To Choose Between Crush and Best Friend | Bro Code | Bonobology.Com

When I had to choose between my friend and my love

- Ankit Mishra
Posted on : 19 May 2017

He’d always had a crush on her but she found someone else. Now she was free but he was friends with her ex…

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She Loved Her Lover More Than Her Parents | Bonobology.Com

She chose her parents over me and I don’t blame her

- Samvit G Menon
Posted on : 20 Jun 2017

She said she loved him more than she loved her parents but then her father put her under an obligation…

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What Happens When A Perfect Indian Daughter Falls In Love | Bonobology.Com

I proposed to him for I knew I could make this relationship work

- Ratula Ray
Posted on : 05 Jun 2017

She’s always been very independent, so when the time came, she took the initiative in love as well

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I was married in 2010 & life was going happy until I caught my husband with her ex- girlfriend. I went with my kitty party friends for dinner. At that... ... Read More

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