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Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship | Bonobology.Com

I walked out of an abusive relationship

- Arjun Awasthi
Posted on : 31 May 2017

Any relationship can be abusive; the key is to recognise this and get away

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A woman faces trouble in her arranged marriage and another in her open marriage

When an arranged marriage unravels and an open marriage faces challenges

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 14 Mar 2016

Deepak Kashyap tries to help a woman whose husband seems to be gay, and a marriage where the 'open' structure has now given rise to insecurity and the need for introspection

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On open, non-shaming communication and giving attention to an existing relationship

Not enjoying sex with your husband? In a relationship but attracted to a colleague? Our expert speaks...

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 06 Apr 2016

From the benefits of open and non shaming communication, to the importance of giving attention to your existing relationships...psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert advice for your relationship issues

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On facing challenges together as spouses, from being parents to being business partners

Will running a business with your husband affect your relationship at home? Want a child but your partner doesn't? Our expert speaks...

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 27 Apr 2016

From navigating the tricky territory of doing business with your spouse to readiness for parenthood, psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert guidance for your relationship issues

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Story of a Gay Couple: Where love dwells, fear has no place | Bonobology

When their worst fear came true, true love got this gay couple through

- Sujit Banerjee
Posted on : 03 May 2016

Sujit Banerjee tells the true story of a gay couple dealing with a partner's serious illness with utmost acceptance, grace and love

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Long Distance Relationships | When Physical Distance Creates Emotional Distance

Distance taking a toll on your relationship? Our expert speaks...

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 11 May 2016

Is geographical distance between you and your partner creating challenges? Psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert guidance for all your relationship issues

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Am I Bisexual ??

I am in relationship with my boyfriend since 2015. We have fun together & enjoy each other's company also. Whenever I am with my BFF (girl) ...

Marrying my gay partner

I love my boyfriend dearly. And want to cement our love for life. Have a home and a family. But I don't think that'll ever be possible. Wha... Read More

Is it wrong to get attracted to someone while you're in a happy relationship?

Is it wrong to get attracted to someone while you're in a happy relationship?

Getting attracted to another person while in a relationship. Is it something to be guilty of?

Should I feel guilty if I feel attracted to someone while I am in a happy relationship? Does that amount to cheating?

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Ask Deepak | How Do I Get Out Of An Affair With My Teacher? | Bonobology

I am in a relationship with my teacher. I know it's not right, but how do I let go?

Ram Posted on : 22 Jun 2016

When you are in complete awareness of these consequences you will find yourself motivated to stay away from this relationship. Love is no license to create potentially life-altering difficulties in either of your lives

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Ask Deepak | How Do I Bridge The Gap Created By Physical Distancec In My Relationship? | Bonobology

Distance is taking a toll on my relationship. How do I bridge the gap?

Rajesh, Kanpur Posted on : 16 May 2016

Do keep a few rules in mind for a long distance relationship to work, and to bridge the communication gap.

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Ask Deepak | How do I deal with stepping away from my attraction for a married colleague? | Bonobology

I'm in a relationship but am attracted to a married colleague at work. I feel it's not right, but he won't let me step away. Why?

Name withheld Posted on : 07 Apr 2016

It is a human tendency to get lost into the fantasy of a ‘perfect lover’ in future, when our current relationship hits rough patches now and then.

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I'm not gay but my wife left me

I'm not gay but I got high on drugs and started chatting with another man. My wife found out and left me. Now I feel like killing myself. ... Read More

Boring live-in relationship

ohhhhh god this live in relationship getting me bored & feeling exhausted.. I thought It would be fun & adventurous but really I can't tolerate this b... ... Read More

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