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My Life after Divorce | Bonobology

I believe in me

- Madhuri Maitra
Posted on : 07 Feb 2017

Arti Ohri was 32, divorced and under-qualified…

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Badrinath ki Dulhania - A Bollywood love story with a twist?|

Hinterland ki dulhaniya

- Barnali Roy
Posted on : 25 Mar 2017

While still a mainstream commercial film, Badrinath ki Dulhaniya delivers an upbeat message about changing gender roles

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Women’s Empowerment | Arranged Marriages | Indian Marriages | Bonobology

What does the judgemental society offer our liberated women?

- Kruti Patel
Posted on : 12 May 2017

Women’s empowerment is a trendy topic, but when it comes to arranged marriages, there are still some questions women cannot ask men

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A woman faces trouble in her arranged marriage and another in her open marriage

When an arranged marriage unravels and an open marriage faces challenges

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 14 Mar 2016

Deepak Kashyap tries to help a woman whose husband seems to be gay, and a marriage where the 'open' structure has now given rise to insecurity and the need for introspection

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Indian Writer Rani Dharker On Love, Marriage & Relationships | Bonobology

"Young People don't Hide their Relationships" - Rani Dharker

- Prerna Shah
Posted on : 10 Aug 2016

Some really beautiful insights into how the young, urban India relates to love, marriage and relationships.

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Expectation v reality

As a gay man I find that there are hardly any portrayals in our art and pop culture of grounded gay relationships. There is a gap between ex...

Isn't a sense of self worth the most important thing in a relationship?

After all, when you say I love you; you say I first. If your 'I' isn't strong enough, evolved enough - the relationship can never be fullfil...

divorce advice

Revenge Your Ex


Each day hundreds o... Read More

Arrange or love ! Which one most people prefer ??

Now a days everyone needs a perfect relationship but survey said that arrange marriages are more successful then love .what's your view ??

Expectation v reality

As a gay man I find that there are hardly any portrayals in our art and pop culture of grounded gay relationships. There is a gap between expectati... Read More

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What are the boundaries in the Institution of Marriage? - Expert advice |

Is marriage restrictive? What determines its boundaries - society or emotions?

Anirban Sengupta (35), marketing executive Posted on : 21 Mar 2016

Today more than ever in the history of marriage, couples have the rights to decide their own rules of engagement.

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I had an Arranged Marriage and my husband is Gay |

I had an arranged marriage, but found out that my husband is gay, and his partner lives in the same house. How do I get out of this mess?

Name Withheld Posted on : 23 Feb 2016

You are going through a really tough time at the moment. I can imagine it may have disorienting effects on you and undermine your confidence to deal with your situation and gaining more control over your life than you feel you have currently.

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Open relationships seldom get exploited

I think the more open the relationships, the more closed you become. When you have the freedom, one doesn't feel the need to exploit it ... Read More

I want my husband to cheat on me!

Recently, after 5 years of marriage and a kid, I discovered that my husband has had physical relationships before marriage. Surprisingly, listening to... ... Read More

I'm not gay but my wife left me

I'm not gay but I got high on drugs and started chatting with another man. My wife found out and left me. Now I feel like killing myself. ... Read More

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Confessions with Joie Bose Episode 3: For The Love of Lies

Posted on : 17 May 2017 Event Status : Running

In episode 3 of Confessions wit...

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