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Bonobology | Divorce | Letter from Wife To Husband | It Was My Fault, Too

Dear husband...Our divorce is my fault, too

- Madhuri Banerjee
Posted on : 03 Jun 2016

Madhuri Banerjee shares a heart rending letter from a wife to her estranged husband, where the wife takes responsibility for her role in their separation and impending divorce

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Divorce For Men | From Winning A Battle To Building A New Life | Bonobology

Dawn after divorce

- Neelu Singh
Posted on : 22 Aug 2016

Divorce comes with a host of mental conflicts. How do you deal with them? Mourn? Be brave? Turn cynical? Or build a new life?

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Whose advice should I take for my divorce?

- Madhuri
Posted on : 10 Mar 2017

In the process of breaking up a marriage, one is given advice from many different quarters. Whose advice should you take?

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Book Excerpt - Leaving Home With Half A Fridge by Arathi Menon|

Leaving Home With Half A Fridge; How to Survive A Divorce Happily...An Excerpt

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 05 Mar 2016

This excerpt from Arathi Menon’s witty, intimate and poignant memoir takes you on her journey from being laden with insecurities to emancipation

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Parallel between Divorce and Accidents | Bonobology

Divorce is an accident

- Osama Suhail
Posted on : 14 Mar 2017

With many years of legal experience, he draws parallels between divorce and accidents

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The Affair After Marriage That Saved Me & My Son | Bonobology

You may call me unfaithful

- Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 08 Aug 2016

But I was faithful to my needs and desires, and to my son who needed a father figure, says Mona Ray

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