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Big Fat Indian Weddings and the Divorce That Comes Soon After | Bonobology.Com

You won't believe the biggest reason for live-in relationships getting popular

- Jaseena Backer
Posted on : 05 May 2017

The stability and permanence of marriage is increasingly under threat, with divorce being sought for often mundane reasons, despite long engagements or living together before marriage

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Divorce Advice | Dealing With Divorce | Bonobology.Com

Considering divorce and feeling lost? Here’s help!

- Arun Kaul
Posted on : 12 May 2017

Divorce is often seen as a taboo topic and people are not willing to talk about it. Here are some resources that might help you deal with it better

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Dealing with the Ex | Bonobology

Book excerpt: Untying the fine knots

- Madhuri
Posted on : 24 Dec 2016

She came through a divorce to write about the experience to help others in similar situations. Here is an excerpt from Untying the fine knots: How to deal with Divorce

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Divorce For Men | From Winning A Battle To Building A New Life | Bonobology

Dawn after divorce

- Neelu Singh
Posted on : 22 Aug 2016

Divorce comes with a host of mental conflicts. How do you deal with them? Mourn? Be brave? Turn cynical? Or build a new life?

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Parallel between Divorce and Accidents | Bonobology

Divorce is an accident

- Osama Suhail
Posted on : 14 Mar 2017

With many years of legal experience, he draws parallels between divorce and accidents

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Dotted i - Party Planning and Gifting Organisation | Bonobology

A surprising way of stirring things up

- Baisali Chatterjee Dutt
Posted on : 18 Feb 2017

Here’s a little help with planning that perfect party or celebration

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Book excerpt: Untying the fine knots

She came through a divorce to write about the experience to help others in similar situations. Here is an excerpt from Untying the fine knot...

Why do men think that helping the wife is shameful or makes them henpecked?

A friend of mine says that her husband helps her with chores only if she agrees not to discuss the same in his family, he is OK lending her ...

Is it OK to be friends with an ex after divorce?

My marriage to my college gf fell apart a few years ago and we got divorced. Recently she tagged me to an old photo online and we got chatting. Is ... Read More

My husband is cheating on me and refuses to end the affair but friend and family are advising against divorce. What should I do?

My husband started cheating on me after we had our second child. We have been married for 7 years. Even after repeated confrontations he hasn't ended ... Read More

Can't help feeling jealous

There are these two men I feel jealous about, the way my wife chats with them in parties. I know nothing more will happen, it's just party fun, but st... Read More

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How Do I Deal With The Pain & Despair Of Divorce? | Bonobology

How do I deal with the pain and despair of divorce?

Sudip Posted on : 06 Jul 2016

It is important to remind yourself before and after a relationship and almost at every chance we get - that we are complete human beings in ourselves.

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Staying on with cheating partner

I stayed on with my cheating partner for the sake of our children. He has promised me not to stray again but I can't help feeling quite ashamed of mys... ... Read More

My husband & My friend cheated on me

I am 40 year old & happily married for 20 years. I was happy with my husband & son. One day I met one of my college friend & heard about her divorce.... ... Read More

Living with my husband while going through a divorce

I feel like our divorce has made our friendship come back. While the papers are being finalised, my husband is putting his finances together and till... ... Read More

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