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On facing challenges together as spouses, from being parents to being business partners

Will running a business with your husband affect your relationship at home? Want a child but your partner doesn't? Our expert speaks...

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 27 Apr 2016

From navigating the tricky territory of doing business with your spouse to readiness for parenthood, psychologist Deepak Kashyap provides expert guidance for your relationship issues

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Bonobology | Living With Bed-Ridden In Laws Can Test A Marriage

How living with invalid in-laws can test a marriage

- Ritu Goyal Harish
Posted on : 21 Jun 2016

When bedridden in-laws cause you stress, the only way to cope is to have a strong husband-wife relationship

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A Story Of Family & Marriage That Helps Her Live With A Tumour | Bonobology

She lives with a Tumour and a whole lot of Optimism

- Mariya Salim
Posted on : 28 Aug 2016

Young Anju, married off into a deeply traditional family, never lost her positivity. Not even when she was diagnosed with brain tumour

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Stand By Me As I Am Grieving A Relationship, My Love | Bonobology

Will you wait for me as I cope with losing my mother?

- Shahnaaz Khan
Posted on : 20 Nov 2016

Coping with grief after a loss, Shahnaaz Khan writes to her partner asking for his understanding

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How Do Cultural Relationships & Environments Affect A Couple? | Bonobology

How does a couple's environment affect their relationship?

- Arun Kaul
Posted on : 13 Oct 2016

The environment surrounding a married couple often has a great impact on how their relationship progresses, as this story illustrates

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The Bra-Boyfriend theory - Finding the right fit | Bonobology

A good relationship is like a good bra

- Roopal Kewalya
Posted on : 18 Nov 2016

Just as there isn’t a single bra that fits all, there is no one type of man or relationship that works for every woman

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Ask Deepak | In Love With My Brother

I am in a secret intimate relationship with my brother's wife, and feel guilty about it. How do I get out of this mess?

Name Withheld Posted on : 08 Jun 2016

It would be helpful to urge your sister-in-law to find a way out on her own from the marriage or the issues that she faces with her husband, your brother.

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Ask Deepak | Is it a good idea to start a business with spouse? | Bonobology

Is it a good idea to start a business with my husband? How do I safeguard my personal relationship with him?

Name withheld Posted on : 11 May 2016

Doing business is tough, period. Doing it with someone you love is even tougher. His or her actions will affect not only your finances, but also the romantic aspect of your life.

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