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The Importance of Loving Yourself | Bonobology

How to be single and why

- Aarti V Raman
Posted on : 28 Nov 2016

Choosing to be single gives you freedom from many things, and you learn how to simply be

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Finding True Love | The First Love Returns After 20 Years | Bonobology

Meant to be...when your one true love returns after twenty years

- Shifa Maitra
Posted on : 24 Nov 2016

Shifa Maitra recounts her friend Ishaani’s tryst with love and how, eventually, it did conquer all…

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The Trick To A Happy, Joyful Marriage | Bonobology

The trick to a happy, joyful marriage

- Harshad Sharma
Posted on : 28 Jun 2016

Harshad Sharma talks about the importance of celebrating the good things about each other, and working on the small differences to build a good marriage

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Singe And Ready To Mingle | Eligible Bachelors In India | Bonobology.Com

Why are so many eligible people single nowadays

- Chandni Sethia
Posted on : 19 May 2017

A point-by-point list of why so many eligible people are single nowadays

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Happy being Single - Rimi B Chatterjee |

Life is happier when you are not in a relationship: Rimi B Chatterjee

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 24 Jan 2016

Author - professor Rimi B Chatterjee makes a strong case for being single

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Letter to First Love - I wanted Love |

I wanted love, not a lesson to learn

- Dua
Posted on : 17 Apr 2016

Dua Prayaag talks of love’s labour lost and fighting every temptation to kiss and make-up

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How many of you singles out there are truly content? And how many of you feel you will only find contentment after meeting the right person?


I'm generally trying to undertsand if there are some who are actually happy while being single, or if there&... Read More

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Ask Deepak | My Husband Lives Abroad & Hardly Calls. What Do I Do? | Bonobology

Spouse lives abroad but hardly calls. I feel neglected. What do I do?

Name Withheld Posted on : 16 May 2016

To be happy, we all desire different things. Some people need a lot more connection and communication than others; which fact is not a reflection of or enough grounds to judge anyone as good or bad.

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Ask Deepak | Should I Leave My Husband of 10 Yrs For Someone I Met Online? | Bonobology

I want to leave my husband of 10 years for someone I met online. What should I do?

Reshma Posted on : 06 Apr 2016

I would say that, if you have any love left for your husband and any desire to continue to have a family with him, divert your imaginative powers in trying to resolve your marital issues first.

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