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Book Excerpt - Leaving Home With Half A Fridge by Arathi Menon|

Leaving Home With Half A Fridge; How to Survive A Divorce Happily...An Excerpt

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 05 Mar 2016

This excerpt from Arathi Menon’s witty, intimate and poignant memoir takes you on her journey from being laden with insecurities to emancipation

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How I fell in Love | Bonobology

How I fell in love

- Deepshikha Tahiliani
Posted on : 30 Jan 2017

She agreed to the marriage but wasn’t in love with him…

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Can you be friends with your ex? |

Can you be friends with an ex? Do you tell your partner about it?

- Tia Basu
Posted on : 24 Mar 2017

How do you move on in a relationship when it’s no longer about the ‘love-love’?

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Looking for a Partner and a Man Friday |

I need a Man in my life, and also a Man Friday!

- Lekha Menon
Posted on : 15 Feb 2016

Let's be honest, emotional compatibility apart, doesn't it feel great if your man can fix the remote or your woman can cook and clean?

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Finding True Love | The First Love Returns After 20 Years | Bonobology

Meant to be...when your one true love returns after twenty years

- Shifa Maitra
Posted on : 24 Nov 2016

Shifa Maitra recounts her friend Ishaani’s tryst with love and how, eventually, it did conquer all…

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We broke up | Bonobology

Why I went to a hooker

- Vakratuund
Posted on : 09 Mar 2017

They’d broken up but he hadn’t gotten over it

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Read this on a research site! Facebook ends marriages! intrigued me.

Flirty messages and photographs found on Facebook are increasingly being cited as proof of unreasonable behaviour or irreconcilable differen...

How to get over an ex? She creeps me out with sudden messages and calls!

How to get over an ex? She creeps me out with sudden messages and calls!

divorce advice

Revenge Your Ex


Each day hundreds o... Read More

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Ask Deepak | Husband Has Connected With Ex Online. Should I Be Worried? | Bonobology

My husband and his ex have reconnected on social media, and it's spinning out of control. Is it just me?

Name Withheld Posted on : 18 May 2016

It seems to me that there was an initial lack of trust between the two of you, which demanded giving up each other’s online privacy by sharing passwords.

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