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The Importance of Loving Yourself | Bonobology

How to be single and why

- Aarti V Raman
Posted on : 28 Nov 2016

Choosing to be single gives you freedom from many things, and you learn how to simply be

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Being in a Healthy Relationship | Bonobology

Seven things that keep relationships going

- IndianSpice
Posted on : 21 Jan 2017

A relationship is not supposed to curb your personality. Here is how to maintain dignity and not sacrifice things that make you, you.

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Is love permanent? - physical and emotional fidelity in marriage |

Emotional fidelity is far more revealing of a relationship

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 30 Jan 2016

Journalist Jairaj Singh tackles a few tricky questions about marriage, fidelity and the like

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She's the head, I'm the heart of our relationship: Filmmaker Abhishek Jain

- Misbah Nayeem Quadri
Posted on : 30 Sep 2016

Despite being in professions that are poles apart, filmmaker Abhishek Jain feels he and wife Shailey have a lot in common, which keeps them together

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There should be lots of honesty for a long-distance relationship to work

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 15 May 2017

Jaseena Backer, psychologist, talks to us about some of the common issues arising from maintaining a long distance relationship, and the best ways to deal with them

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Not looking for a relationship | Bonobology

I'm not looking for a relationship

- Saumya Tewari
Posted on : 28 Feb 2017

They began to be intimate, but then he said…

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Signs of emotional affair

How do I know if my husband is having an affair? I don't think it is physical but he has stopped sharing with me, is always on the phone...

Being crazy all the time in relationship is good or not ???

Few persons love to be crazy & adventurous all the time weather they are in relationship or not. If the partner does not like adventurous th...

How important is it to vacation frequently to maintain a good long distance relationship?

How important is it to vacation frequently to maintain a good long distance relationship?

How to maintain a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I started this Long Distance Relationship about 02 years ago. We used to talk once in a week initially (busy schedule) and no... Read More

How easy or tough is it to maintain the long distance in a relationship?

I guess this has no answer. It all depends on the dynamics and chemistry of the concerned couple. But I would still like to know hoe people cope up wi... Read More

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My husband had an affair with my sister

Name Withheld Posted on : 07 Jun 2017

Accept their apology and check whether you can rekindle your spark

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