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Jamshed V Rajan Interview | Keeping The Marriage Intact & Exciting | Bonobology

Keeping the marriage intact and exciting...Tete-a-tete with Jammy and Rekha

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 13 Jun 2016

From hands-on fatherhood, keeping aspects of their individuality alive in the marriage, to even role reversal, Jammy and Rekha share advice on keeping the marriage intact and exciting

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Married to An Alcohlic, Abusive Husband |

How I dumped my alcoholic husband and got my dignity back

- As told to Sreelata Menon
Posted on : 03 May 2017

Sreelata Menon shares the story of a friend, who went from doting on her husband to walking out

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I know my wife cannot have children. But I don

When he found out his wife couldn't get pregnant he...

- Aarti Pathak
Posted on : 26 Apr 2017

His wife and in-laws were suspecting him of infidelity or worse, until he could bear it no longer

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Why choose premarital counselling | Benefits of premarital counselling

Is premarital counselling necessary for both men and women?

- Komal Soni
Posted on : 26 Apr 2017

Sexologist Dr Rajan Bhonsle has been able to help many young couples at different stages of their relationship with his premarital counselling and offers a few key pointers

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I Have A Love Affair With My Colleague |

Am having an affair and it has made my marriage more bearable

- Arushi Chaudhary
Posted on : 06 May 2017

Arushi Chaudhary shares the story of a friend who has been living in an abusive marriage for several years now and finally finds relief from her troubles through an affair with a colleague

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I Gave Up My Career For My Wife’s Career | Bonobology.Com

I left my job to follow my wife in her transfer

- Sid Mukherjee
Posted on : 10 May 2017

He did the unconventional thing by quitting his job when his wife got a great opportunity to work abroad

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