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My Train Journey I

I was afraid of them

- Shine Syamaladevi
Posted on : 21 Feb 2017

She came into his compartment where he was sitting alone…

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He ruined our daughter’s life

I blame my husband for our daughter’s divorce

- Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 07 Apr 2017

Bonobology’s community forum finds an anonymous lady blaming her husband for ruining precious years of her daughter’s life, and contemplating a separation from him

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Entries from “ The best thing I learnt from my partner is…" post on Facebook

The best thing I learnt from my partner is…

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 30 May 2017

Entries from “The best thing I learnt from my partner is…" post on Facebook

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Are You Single But Not Looking To Mingle | Bonobology.Com

I’m 44, single and not looking to mingle

- Sujata Rajpal
Posted on : 09 Jun 2017

She doesn’t see an overwhelming reason to get married, if she’s happy without

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A True Love Story That Gave Hope To An HIV Positive Woman | Bonobology

Love Brings Sunshine

- Darshana Shukul
Posted on : 29 Aug 2016

Mansi was all set to end her life alone, but Raju came as a ray of hope and magically transformed her life

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Stand By Me As I Am Grieving A Relationship, My Love | Bonobology

Will you wait for me as I cope with losing my mother?

- Shahnaaz Khan
Posted on : 20 Nov 2016

Coping with grief after a loss, Shahnaaz Khan writes to her partner asking for his understanding

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what are the challenges and perks of being single?

Nobody likes to be told. Let's keep common sense aside and ask ourselves - are we really enjoying our freedom? Are we already doing thin...

Ask Deepak | I

I'm dating my friend and it has changed our friendship. How do I handle it?

Aditya, Kolkata Posted on : 25 May 2016

It is important to be a friend, to be friendly, before demanding it of the other person.

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My husband & My friend cheated on me

I am 40 year old & happily married for 20 years. I was happy with my husband & son. One day I met one of my college friend & heard about her divorce.... ... Read More

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