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Falling in Love and Maintaining a Marriage |

Of love, cartridges and razor blades

- Jamshed V Rajan
Posted on : 29 Apr 2016

Maybe, marriages are made in heaven but on earth, they are a high maintenance affair. Blogger Jammy, in his inimitable style, gives us the inside story about why and how getting falling in love saved India's failing economy.

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Opposites Attract In Love To Make Marriage Music

Opposites in love make marriage music: Daboo Malik

- Madhuri Maitra
Posted on : 07 Sep 2016

‘Love conquers all’ need not be just a cliché. It can be someone’s truth, as Daboo Malik and Jyothi discovered themselves on the multi-hued path of love

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How Love Changes After Marriage | Bonobology.Com

How ‘I love you’ changed to ‘Take care’

- Rupali Tiwari
Posted on : 10 Jun 2017

Theirs was a love marriage that began with excitement, but things changed once the vows were taken. Was it for the better?

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Husband Wife Relationship - redefining gender roles by cooking together |

Our kitchen is not a woman's territory. I'm not its queen.

- Anupama Kondayya
Posted on : 01 Jun 2016

In this part of the 'Mind over marriage' series, Anupama Kondayya talks about making the kitchen a space owned by both husband and wife

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Phera Or Nikaah? | Story Of A Hindu Muslim Love Marriage | Bonobology

The swing of the pendulum - phera or nikaah?

- Shagufta Kalim
Posted on : 15 Jul 2016

Shagufta Kalim writes about the quintessential couple – an interfaith one

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Conquering Injury, PTSD & Challenges With Husband

How my husband gave me wings...or wheels

- Prerna Shah
Posted on : 06 Jul 2016

Bharulata Kamble, a British Indian woman undertaking a unique record-setting drive, narrates how her husband helped her overcome an injury and PTSD to take wings through wheels

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