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The changing landscape of love, sexuality and marriage in India: Bimal Kundu

- Showli Chakraborty
Posted on : 26 Apr 2016

National award winning artist Bimal Kundu speaks to Showli Chakraborty about his approach to relationships in the foreground of change in Indian society

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Celebrity Interviews - The Unusual Love Story of Amrita Pritam and Imroz |

The unusual love story of Amrita Pritam and Imroz

- Nawaid Anjum
Posted on : 15 May 2016

Their love conquered all, giving them courage to defy societal norms when live-in was unheard of in India, to transcend physical attraction and experience the divinity of love, and make art about each other in life & death. Journalist and blogger Nawaid Anjum recounts a beautiful real life love story.

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Manvendra Singh Gohil Interview | On the Universality of Love - Gay or Otherwise | Bonobology

"LGBT or otherwise, love is love" - Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil

- Prerna Shah
Posted on : 16 Jun 2016

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, India's first royal family member to come out as gay, talks about the universality of love, global perspectives on the LGBT community, challenges faced, and hopes for the future of the LGBT community in India, in this freewheeling interview with Prerna Shah

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Love through Sambandham | Bonobology

Live-in extension of Sambandham marriages in Kerala?

- Sreelata Menon
Posted on : 20 Nov 2016

The ceremony was simple, and the relationship was unlike any other

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Reasons why Urban Indian Couples fight | Bonobology

10 reasons why Indian couples fight

- Saumya Tewari
Posted on : 16 Dec 2016

What are the most common reasons why urban couples in India fight?

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Big Fat Indian Weddings and the Divorce That Comes Soon After | Bonobology.Com

You won't believe the biggest reason for live-in relationships getting popular

- Jaseena Backer
Posted on : 05 May 2017

The stability and permanence of marriage is increasingly under threat, with divorce being sought for often mundane reasons, despite long engagements or living together before marriage

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Are your parents okay with live-ins?

Inspite of all the laws that have been passed by the court, live-in is much frowned upon in India still. What is your opinion about it? Is i...

Are your parents okay with live-ins?

Inspite of all the laws that have been passed by the court, live-in is much frowned upon in India still. What is your opinion about it? Is i...

Is a live in relationship in India still looked down upon as a taboo?

We have been in love for almost a decade now. And at a time when both the families are talking about weddings, I opened up to him one day abou my l... Read More

Friend is in a live-in relationship and his family will be visiting. How should he handle the topic?

I have a friend who is currently living in with his girlfriend in an apartment in Delhi. They are office mates and has been living together for at lea... Read More

A live in relationship is not a give-in relationship

With the increase of live in relationships in India, there is a very thin line between compromise and give in on important issues. 

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My live-partner got married but we want to continue our relationship

How to legalise live-in relationship

Name Withheld Posted on : 25 Apr 2017

It is not possible and you are liable under ‘adultery’

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Ask Deepak | Want To Relocate For Career But Husband Doesn

I want to relocate to another city for my career, but my husband doesn't. How should I go about it?

Name withheld Posted on : 09 May 2016

You are in a classic fix of having to decide between two important values; your personal happiness and your marriage. It is not uncommon for married couples to live in different cities because of financial or career related reasons.

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Boring live-in relationship

ohhhhh god this live in relationship getting me bored & feeling exhausted.. I thought It would be fun & adventurous but really I can't tolerate this b... ... Read More

Secret Live-In relationship

I am 25 year old guy & doing job out of my home town. I am in live-in relationship with my babe since 2014. We both didn't confess to our parents abo... ... Read More

Live In and Sex

I was wondering and going on in my head since I was 16. I basically don't want to get married but I am up for Live-In relationship. A relationship wit... ... Read More

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Confessions with Joie Bose Episode 3: For The Love of Lies

Posted on : 17 May 2017 Event Status : Running

In episode 3 of Confessions wit...

Get Fit Together for this Valentine

Get Fit Together for this Valentine's Day!

Posted on : 30 Jan 2017 Event Status : Closed

Get Fit and look fabulous this Valentine's Day. Tune in on Thursday 2nd Feb at 9 PM for a Facebook Live sessio...

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