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Is This Love? Then I Think I

Love in the time of cell phones

- Avantika Debnath
Posted on : 15 May 2016

Avantika Debnath is disillusioned with love, lovers and all things love-related

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When Children Hold a Marriage Together | Bonobology

When the small hands of children hold a marriage together

- Leela Ramaswamy
Posted on : 16 Jun 2016

She was driven to do something drastic after suffering at the hands of her in-laws, when one day, she made a change. 5 decades later Leela Ramaswamy reminisces about the nature of love in such a marriage.

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A Couple Stops Fighting & Takes Flight In Marriage | Bonobology

From exasperating to exemplary in marriage

- Renica Rego
Posted on : 03 Jul 2016

A marriage that was constantly fraught with fights, but then took a leap from skepticism and strife to love and magnanimity. Read Renica Rego's story...

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One True Marriage After A Dozen True Loves! | Bonobology

One true marriage after a dozen true loves!

- Surabhi Pandey
Posted on : 22 Sep 2016

I don't believe there is only one true love in someone's life...

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Blindsided by Love | Bonobology

Love in the unlikeliest places

- Tulika Mukerjee Saha
Posted on : 07 Jan 2017

She was a tomboy whom no one dared approach, but even she had to give in to love one day

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Love Marriage | Arrange Marriage | Happily Married |

Does love exist in love marriages alone?

- Manjari Pandey
Posted on : 08 May 2017

Yes, she and her husband knew and liked each other before their marriage. But isn’t there love in an arranged marriage as well?

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Is love enough in a relationship?

I remember when I was younger and told my parents that I will marry the girl I love, they said that I was being naive. That love is not enou...


Age is no barrier when you fall in love

Relationships are about more than physical attraction, love can exist among all different ages, discovers Tuli Banerjee

Conditional love

Romantic love in my opinion is usually not unconditional. We expect a few things in return of the love that we give. Even after years of being toge... Read More

Love in arranged marriage grows gradually. How to escalate the process?

Love in arranged marriage grows gradually. How to escalate the process?

Unconditional love or compromise

Is love in marriage unconditional or is it a mix of compromise and taken for granted? There may be a few who love unconditionally but for most, rom... Read More

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What are the boundaries in the Institution of Marriage? - Expert advice |

Is marriage restrictive? What determines its boundaries - society or emotions?

Anirban Sengupta (35), marketing executive Posted on : 21 Mar 2016

Today more than ever in the history of marriage, couples have the rights to decide their own rules of engagement.

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Found love outside marriage

I was married for 18 years then,when I met him on Facebook,almost 17 years younger to me.mine was not a happy marriage.we became friends and started c... ... Read More

Love after marriage

Truely speaking its tough to love someone unknown. But after you are in love with your soulmate, you feel secured and safe. I felt this from the very ... ... Read More

In love with older married woman

Not sure how it happened, but I think I am in love with an older married woman. It seems she is interested in me too and not happy with her marriage. ... ... Read More

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