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Rejected By The Arranged Marriage Market, She Still Rises | Bonobology

Rejected by the marriage market, she still rises

- Sampurna Majumder
Posted on : 25 Jul 2016

A single woman in her early thirties who, despite rejections, has not lost hope in love, marriage and humanity

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The first year of Marriage | Bonobology

The first year of marriage

- Runa Mukherjee
Posted on : 19 Dec 2016

What happens when couples don't look beyond the wedding or honeymoon and have little idea about the practical side of living with and sharing space with a new person?

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A common love of travelling taught them life lessons

The mountains brought love into their arranged marriage

- Archana Sharma
Posted on : 17 Apr 2017

They came from very different backgrounds and had teething problems in adjusting to their arranged marriage but their mutual love of travel brought them together

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Love Marriage | Arrange Marriage | Happily Married |

Does love exist in love marriages alone?

- Manjari Pandey
Posted on : 08 May 2017

Yes, she and her husband knew and liked each other before their marriage. But isn’t there love in an arranged marriage as well?

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Polyamory, Three somes and Relationships |

A marriage that thrives on threesomes

- Darshana Doshi
Posted on : 01 Mar 2016

Can a partner bear that, share in the sexual escapades, and find love? Darshana Doshi explores…

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Does age difference in marriage matter when he was in love with an older woman? |

She was eleven years older than he was. Does love care?

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 03 Apr 2016

She supported him through college, he supported her when her back was bent. Sheela Jayawant narrates the true story of a true love.

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Does your mom/MIL say their marriages are different from yours?

Daughters of the current generation and yester-generation mothers often have a conversation that their marriages are different from ours.*p*...

How justified is the idea of arranged marriage??

Parents expects their children to go for arrange marriage but without knowing each other how can two people be tied with one another?

I'm a 30 year old doctor.. and I'm under a lot of pressure to get married..

I'm stuck. It's like my life would end if I cross 30 being unmarried. Or I will remain single for ever. Coz 30 something girls don't hav...

How is it to have sex with your husband, when you know he doesn't love, care and respect you ?

It happens sometimes in the Indian arranged marriages. It is considered as a duty and a right to have sex after marriage, even though one of the partn... Read More

My husband gets verbally abusive when angry. Is that acceptable?

Ours was an arranged marriage but we are in love. My husband however tends to lose his mind every time we have an argument. He indulges in wxtensive v... Read More

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Ask Deepak | Why Do I Miss My Abusive Husband? | Bonobology

I Fled an Abusive Marriage and yet, why do I Miss my Husband?

Name Withheld Posted on : 02 Aug 2016

You’ll just have to be patient and you need to give yourself a break

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I had an Arranged Marriage and my husband is Gay |

I had an arranged marriage, but found out that my husband is gay, and his partner lives in the same house. How do I get out of this mess?

Name Withheld Posted on : 23 Feb 2016

You are going through a really tough time at the moment. I can imagine it may have disorienting effects on you and undermine your confidence to deal with your situation and gaining more control over your life than you feel you have currently.

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