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I Love Him But He Does Not Love Me | Bonobology.Com

What is it about one-sided love that keeps us hooked?

- Komal Soni
Posted on : 23 May 2017

While unrequited love might be painful, you are not alone in your suffering

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Although she married another man, he still loves her

She married another man but I love her

- Abhishek Kothari
Posted on : 12 Apr 2017

His friendship turned into love but she married someone else.

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Bonobology | Finding True Love | How Will You Know It

How will you know when you've found real love?

- Reet Singh
Posted on : 10 Jun 2016

Reet Singh narrates a sweet personal story about finding true love...

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My Tinder Story | Bonobology

Love in the time of hook-up culture

- Manjari Singh
Posted on : 22 Dec 2016

They warned her "Good girls don't go to Tinder!" but she still decided to give it a go

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Our Love Story | Bonobology

They never spoke of their love

- Tania Dey
Posted on : 13 Mar 2017

She never told him how she felt but…

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Misunderstanding casual flirtation as love

I have come across a couple of friends who misunderstood casual flirtation as love and this turned their lives upside down. They found deeper meani... Read More

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Ask Deepak | He Is Confused About Dating. What To Do? | Bonobology

Why are we so close to each other and yet so far apart?

Anukriti Posted on : 31 Jul 2016

It takes time, space and introspection to solve any kind of confusion one is going through in life.

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