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Jamshed V Rajan Interview | Keeping The Marriage Intact & Exciting | Bonobology

Keeping the marriage intact and exciting...Tete-a-tete with Jammy and Rekha

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 13 Jun 2016

From hands-on fatherhood, keeping aspects of their individuality alive in the marriage, to even role reversal, Jammy and Rekha share advice on keeping the marriage intact and exciting

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What Instant Love Chemistry In Arranged Marriage Feels Like | Bonobology

What instant chemistry in an arranged marriage feels like

- Meera S
Posted on : 15 Oct 2016

There were so many things she wanted to do in her life that she was quite happy putting off marriage until she met him

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Surviving Infidelity and Staying together after Affair |

Despite affairs, marriage wins!

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 12 Feb 2016

Most couples hit the panic button when faced with an extra marital affair - whether their own of their partner's, says Dr Neeru Kanwar

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Can using dating apps by married couples lead to extramarital affairs?

Dating apps are filled with married people for a reason difficult to guess

- Enakshi Biswas
Posted on : 01 May 2017

She said, “Being swiped right is a validation that I’m desirable." Was it really just that?

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Can Online Chats Be Termed As Emotional Infidelity In Marriage |

Why did I need so many emotional connections outside marriage?

- Malini Misra
Posted on : 01 May 2017

She kept making connections over online chats with strangers and old friends but does that qualify as infidelity or cheating? Or was it something deeper?

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I do not understand open marriage stories. Why marry at all when the relationship is not a serious commitment?

I do not understand open marriage stories. Why marry at all when the relationship is not a serious commitment?

Open marriage

Are open marriages becoming common or are people just talking about them more. I am curious to hear some real stories of open marriage? Did open ma... Read More

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