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My Boyfriend Wants Open Relationship, I Don’t |

He said it meant nothing even if he slept outside the relationship

- Gaurav Deka
Posted on : 11 May 2017

He wanted to be in the relationship so much that he agreed his partner could have an ‘open’ relationship from his end

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Bonobology | A Modern Draupadi | Loving Two Men With Consent

A modern Draupadi...loving two men with consent

- Saheli Mitra
Posted on : 29 May 2016

Indian society expects that married women will have no relationships outside marriage, but Saheli has experienced such a relationship, with her husband’s consent

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Bonobology | Love Helped Her Overcome The Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood sexual abuse left me with shame. Until love and acceptance freed me.

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 04 Jun 2016

She was the victim but she was left feeling it was her fault, and she should be ashamed. Until her boyfriend came along, and true love freed her of her shame. Here is an inspirational anonymous entry for the Bonobology 'You got my back' contest.

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Relationship lessons from parents - contest winners and stories!

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 09 Jul 2016

Congratulations to the two winners of our 'What I Learnt About Couple Relationships From My Parents' Contest!

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Bonobology Relationship Contest Entries |

I would break a relationship if these things go wrong

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 15 May 2017

Entries from our 'What are the reasons for which you would break a relationship' post on Facebook

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Conversations With A Couple in a Polyamorous Relationships |

Conversations with a polyamorist

- Jairaj Singh
Posted on : 15 Apr 2016

Jairaj Singh is given an insight into a world, where a couple is committed to each other as well as to their individual romantic encounters with other people

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Complete Transparency

Since art is inspired by life and vice-versa also is true.. This question is for people who watch House of Cards. 

*p**p*In The fict...

love in open relationship

What happens if you fall in love in an open relationship, in the more tradiitional sense of the word? You want monogamy, but your partner says they... Read More

Open relationships and love

Polyamory is becoming more common these days. But I wonder if love is possible in an open relationship. While love is a lot more than physical inti... Read More

Jealousy in an open relationship

How do polyamorous couples not get jealous. Fighting jealousy in monogamous relationships is difficult. I wonder how those in non monogamous relati... Read More

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Ask Deepak | How do I deal with stepping away from my attraction for a married colleague? | Bonobology

I'm in a relationship but am attracted to a married colleague at work. I feel it's not right, but he won't let me step away. Why?

Name withheld Posted on : 07 Apr 2016

It is a human tendency to get lost into the fantasy of a ‘perfect lover’ in future, when our current relationship hits rough patches now and then.

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I want to try open relationship

I want to try open relationship but how to talk about it to my partner ... Read More

Boring live-in relationship

ohhhhh god this live in relationship getting me bored & feeling exhausted.. I thought It would be fun & adventurous but really I can't tolerate this b... ... Read More

My neighbor aunt demands to have sexual relationship with me

I am 24 year old guy & have girlfriend too. I am in depression these days as our neighbor aunt is demanding sexual relations with me. She is my mother... ... Read More

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