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Making the Most of A Long Distance Marriage | Bonobology

Making the Most of Long Distance Marriages

- Darshana Shukul
Posted on : 26 Jul 2016

Three couples in long distance marriages reveal the secrets of their happy wedlocks

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How can I get back on track with my marriage?

The stress of long distance is breaking our bond

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 21 Apr 2017

They thought they could do it when they started their married life

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Body Language in Relationships | Bonobology

Body language and its role in healthy relationship

- OoWomaniya
Posted on : 05 Mar 2017

Image consultant Sumathi Priya talks about understanding the unsaid in relationships through body language.

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Physical Intimacy and Long Distance Relationship |

Seven years of bliss until one unfortunate visit

- Ram Kumar Ramaswamy
Posted on : 23 May 2016

Ram KR writes passionately about a love gone wrong. Read more to find out!

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Bonobology | Love Helped Her Overcome The Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood sexual abuse left me with shame. Until love and acceptance freed me.

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 04 Jun 2016

She was the victim but she was left feeling it was her fault, and she should be ashamed. Until her boyfriend came along, and true love freed her of her shame. Here is an inspirational anonymous entry for the Bonobology 'You got my back' contest.

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Having An Affair Lit My Life | Bonobology

An affair that lit up my life

- Vaidy
Posted on : 14 Sep 2016

It was unconventional and beautiful in its naked form, yet sinful and adulterous when clothed in societal norms

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Long distance relationship makes love stronger or fades it with time?


*p**p*Generally people say that Long distance relationship doesnt work and is not something anyone would wanna try. 


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