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My Boyfriend Wants Open Relationship, I Don’t |

He said it meant nothing even if he slept outside the relationship

- Gaurav Deka
Posted on : 11 May 2017

He wanted to be in the relationship so much that he agreed his partner could have an ‘open’ relationship from his end

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Successful Marriage and Expectations in Marriage |

Let the fantasy world end as the film ends

- Nikita Dudani
Posted on : 05 Aug 2016

Nikita Dudani speaks to vocal women who tell you how to handle the fantasies projected by Bollywood romances

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Financial Situation of a Live-In Relationship | Bonobology

Money and living-in

- Vakratuund
Posted on : 20 Dec 2016

Is money a troublesome topic to address in a live-in relationship?

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Marriage or Live in? What would you choose? | Bonobology

He wanted marriage, she wanted...

- Neha D
Posted on : 27 Feb 2017

They seemed to be doing so well in their relationship

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The Lie Of Limitless Love In Intimate Relationships | Bonobology

The lie of limitless love

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 28 Jun 2016

Raksha Bharadia explores how the persecuted becomes the persecutor in intimate relationships

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Couples who drink together stay together? | Bonobology

Does drinking together take the edge off relationships?

- Tuli Banerjee
Posted on : 10 Mar 2017

Is sitting over single malts with your spouse an antidote to all the differences you have? Bonobology readers share their views...

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If there is no sex in my marriage, would I be wrong in demanding a divorce?

My wife won't let me touch her. SHe won't talk about it, won't explain. Its been 3 years now. There is literally no sex in my ma...


Want to save my marriage to a schizophrenic

Name Withheld Posted on : 21 Jun 2017

With treatment life will be more bearable, don’t take his words to heart.

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Ask Deepak | She Wants To Be More Than Friends & Won

She thinks I'm more than a friend and won't take no for an answer

Rajesh Posted on : 15 Sep 2016

Don’t try to be politely vague when you say no. Make it clear it’s a refusal

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