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A woman faces trouble in her arranged marriage and another in her open marriage

When an arranged marriage unravels and an open marriage faces challenges

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 14 Mar 2016

Deepak Kashyap tries to help a woman whose husband seems to be gay, and a marriage where the 'open' structure has now given rise to insecurity and the need for introspection

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Bajirao Mastani, polyamory and polygamous relationship |

Bajirao Mastani and our problem with polyamory

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 07 Dec 2015

Abha Iyengar tells us why, despite historic precedence, our society is not yet ready to accept a man who has more than one love interest

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Excerpt from a Book : SuperCouples by Prachi Garg | Bonobology

Book Excerpt: From partners at home to partners in business

- Prachi Garg
Posted on : 28 Feb 2017

An excerpt from her second book, SuperCouples

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Open Relationships | Dating Spree | Sleeping With Many Women | Bonobology.Com

He plays around but I’m not supposed to

- Tania Dey
Posted on : 22 Jun 2017

Neither had made a commitment but he objected if she looked at anyone else…

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Claire & Frank Underwood & Their Relationship In House Of Cards

Claire and Frank Underwood: a fascinating couple

- Malini Misra
Posted on : 24 Jun 2017

The lead couple in the successful series House of Cards are unusual. What are the dynamics of their relationship?

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Body Language in Relationships | Bonobology

Body language and its role in healthy relationship

- OoWomaniya
Posted on : 05 Mar 2017

Image consultant Sumathi Priya talks about understanding the unsaid in relationships through body language.

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When the sex gets mundane in a marriage, is it wrong to look for it outside?

This is not a sexist question. Depending upon the libido at your middle age, you may find yourself lacking in sexual experiences. Pent up fr...


A modern Draupadi...loving two men with consent

Indian society expects that married women will have no relationships outside marriage, but Saheli has experienced such a relationship, with ...


A modern Draupadi...loving two men with consent

Indian society expects that married women will have no relationships outside marriage, but Saheli has experienced such a relationship, with ...

Alternative to open relationships

Monogamy and polyamory are two extremes to romance in my opinion. Is there any middle path that overcomes the drawbacks of monogamy and is a viable... Read More

Rules of open relationships

Monogamous relationships have some dedined dos and don'ts. While it seems open relationships are far more fluid, there must be a set of rules i... Read More

Open relationships and love

Polyamory is becoming more common these days. But I wonder if love is possible in an open relationship. While love is a lot more than physical inti... Read More

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Ask Deepak | Not Enjoying Sex With My Husband. Is Sex Important? | Bonobology

I'm not enjoying sex with my husband and feel like avoiding it. How important is sex in the relationship?

Name withheld Posted on : 07 Apr 2016

Sex is one area of our lives, where wrong choice of words and tone can hurt more than other areas. We feel the most vulnerable in our sexual natures of our bodies.

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Open relationships seldom get exploited

I think the more open the relationships, the more closed you become. When you have the freedom, one doesn't feel the need to exploit it ... Read More

I want to try open relationship

I want to try open relationship but how to talk about it to my partner ... Read More

Are we two-faced as a society when it comes to relationships?

People give a lot of gyaan when it comes to cheating and affairs. However, there are so many cases of heartbreak in the society. Do you think we are d... ... Read More

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