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Bonobology | Two Decades of Dating & Still Waiting for Love

Two decades of dating, and still waiting for love

- Ajit Menon
Posted on : 29 May 2016

Does love pass us by, or do we learn to accept the next best thing. Ajit Menon wonders.

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Is Sex After Marriage Less Fun? [Survey] | Bonobology

Does marriage take the fun out of sex?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 13 Sep 2016

Everybody has a story to tell. So does every body, and the story told by the human body is rated XXX. We report some revealing survey results

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When Grief Destroys A Relationship Connection & Intimacy | Bonobology

When grief destroys a couple's connection and intimacy

- Vakratuund
Posted on : 12 Oct 2016

Grief has changed her, and now they’re lugging around the corpse of a relationship just because neither has the courage to accept that the relationship is dead.

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What Men Want from Women | Bonobology

What men want from women

- J Rajesh
Posted on : 07 Dec 2016

Don’t fall into a rut of familiarity; keep up the mystery

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Indian Mythology & Infidelity | Lord Indra got cursed for lust | Bonobology

The story of Ahalya and Indra: Was it really adultery?

- Utkarsh Patel
Posted on : 08 May 2017

Married off to an ascetic old man, Ahalya ‘sinned’ with Indra in disguise; was that a sin or was it but natural?

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Sexless marriage

I've been married over 10 years. My husband and I love each other but somewhere along the line we have both lost interest in sex in our ...

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