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Sex In Marriage After 20 Years


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Sexual Intimacy in Marriage | Bonobology

Marriage and sexual compatibility

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 18 Jan 2017

Sexual compatibility is becoming an increasingly important part of today's marriages, says counselling psychologist Salony Priya in an interview

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Premature Ejaculation Makes Me Feel Less Manly | Bonobology

Premature ejaculation makes me feel less of a man

- Neelu Singh
Posted on : 28 Sep 2016

Premature ejaculation has affected not just sex but also his marriage, family life and career. At his wits’ end, this man is finally consulting a psychiatrist

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Marriages and Infidelity | Bonobology

Marriages and the rise of infidelity

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 30 Nov 2016

Counselling psychologist Salony Priya talks about how infidelity is becoming common in present day marriages

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Male Victimisation In Indian Society Leads To Abused Husbands | Bonobology

Male victimisation in Indian society

- Darshana Doshi
Posted on : 25 Oct 2016

He has bent over backwards trying to fulfil all his family’s wishes, but feels oppressed

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Sajid Khan on relationship lessons, one night stands and getting over a break up |

"Many people get married for the wrong reasons" - Sajid Khan

- Kabir Singh Bhandari
Posted on : 10 Mar 2016

Kabir Singh Bhandari gets up close and personal with Sajid Khan, whom he refers to as the ‘filmi world ka encyclopedia’

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Has Our Love Changed Or Has It Evolved? | Bonobology

Has our love altered or has it evolved?

- Minakshi Dewan
Posted on : 18 Sep 2016

This was one question that I often grappled with, and in seeking the answer, I have learnt something precious…

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Is it over?

Like the song, we dont talk anymore, Ours is such a situation too. We dont come close anymore. 

*p**p*Its not that i miss sex with h...

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