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Is Sex After Marriage Less Fun? [Survey] | Bonobology

Does marriage take the fun out of sex?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 13 Sep 2016

Everybody has a story to tell. So does every body, and the story told by the human body is rated XXX. We report some revealing survey results

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Sexual Intimacy in Marriage | Bonobology

Marriage and sexual compatibility

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 18 Jan 2017

Sexual compatibility is becoming an increasingly important part of today's marriages, says counselling psychologist Salony Priya in an interview

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Sex then and now - How has it changed? | Bonobology

Sex, then and now

- Komal Soni
Posted on : 29 Mar 2017

From a society that celebrated sex to one that suppressed it and then again began opening up, India has come a long way

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Is love permanent? - physical and emotional fidelity in marriage |

Emotional fidelity is far more revealing of a relationship

- Team Bonobology
Posted on : 30 Jan 2016

Journalist Jairaj Singh tackles a few tricky questions about marriage, fidelity and the like

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How a generous dose of morality changed our married lives | Bonobology

How a generous dose of morality changed our married lives

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 21 Oct 2015

Sanctity of marriage - no laughing matter

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Marriage - A working model with everyday costs

Does being married guarantee romance and desire?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 17 Mar 2016

Raksha Bharadia asks startling questions, and shares insightful revelations about romance, desire and satisfaction in marriage

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Celibate till marriage

A younger friend recently told me that he has decided he wants to be celibate till marriage. While it is of course his decision, how important is p... Read More

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Ask Deepak | After 2 Failed Sexless Marriages And Divorce, I

After two failed marriages, I've lost confidence

Ruchika Posted on : 06 Sep 2016

Believe that the failure was not your fault; try online dating

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