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What I Learnt About Love At 30 - It

What I learnt about love at's over-rated

- Paromita Bardoloi
Posted on : 23 Jun 2016

Paromita Bardoloi takes a retrospective look at her life; from the time she was a martyr without a cause, to being happy and fulfilled in love

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Story Of A Strong & Shining Love Forged At A Steel Plant | Bonobology

A love, shining and strong like the steel it was forged over

- Ramendra Kumar
Posted on : 05 Jul 2016

Neither opposition from parents nor the upheavals of a professional set up could cause a chink in this couple’s love story. Ramendra Kumar narrates...

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Platform No.7 & My Tryst With Love: A Short Love Story | Bonobology

Platform No. 7 and my tryst with love

- J Rajesh
Posted on : 19 Sep 2016

An interesting love story, the journey of which, by a strange coincidence, involved several modes of transport

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Willing to wait even after turning 35 | Bonobology

Single and willing to wait at 35

- Supreeta Singh
Posted on : 31 Oct 2016

She’s fallen in love several times, but not yet met the man she wants to marry

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Book Review - The High Priestess Never Marries | Bonobology

A collector of love, lovers, moments and words

- Baisali Chatterjee Dutt
Posted on : 02 Dec 2016

A review of Sharanya Manivannan’s latest collection of short stories, The High Priestess Never Marries

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The Obamas - Love and Romance | Bonobology

What the Obamas teach us about love

- Vidya Bhandarkar
Posted on : 28 Jan 2017

We usually hear from the media about romance and early love. What about love that endures through immense pressure?

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Leaving an abusive relationship

I feel abusive relationships work in a cycle. There is abuse, followed by apology, followed by abuse, and this does on. That is why it is di...

Has an affair ever affected your marriage positively?

We usually come across tales of affairs breaking a marriage. But love is multi-dimensional. At times it can even pep up your married life.

Why can't we accept extra marital affairs from our screen heroes?

We have some hit Hindi films where the hero is an adulterer like Sajan Chale Sasural and Maang Bharo Sajna. One thing is common among these ...

Should You Marry Someone Just To Prove Your Parents Wrong | Bonobology.Com

They’re planning to marry just to prove their parents wrong

Anand Posted on : 12 Jun 2017

His life style and upbringing is different and hence maybe his life decisions. Unless the couple seeks out your advice, your words may sound like interference.

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