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Why choose premarital counselling | Benefits of premarital counselling

Is premarital counselling necessary for both men and women?

- Komal Soni
Posted on : 26 Apr 2017

Sexologist Dr Rajan Bhonsle has been able to help many young couples at different stages of their relationship with his premarital counselling and offers a few key pointers

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Can using dating apps by married couples lead to extramarital affairs?

Dating apps are filled with married people for a reason difficult to guess

- Enakshi Biswas
Posted on : 01 May 2017

She said, “Being swiped right is a validation that I’m desirable." Was it really just that?

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What is the secret to Happily ever after in a Marriage? |

Is 'Staying Married Happily Ever After' for Real?

- Kamal Nagpal
Posted on : 15 Feb 2016

Kamal Nagpal helps de-mystify secrets to a long and happy marriage

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At What Point Do Married Couples Seek Counseling? | Bonobology

At what point do married couples seek counselling?

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 10 Jan 2016

Dr Neeru Kanwar says when they both want to be heard, when they face a crisis in their lives

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Happily married yet having an affair? | Bonobology

Married but open about their office right or wrong is it?

- Surabhi Pandey
Posted on : 22 Nov 2016

They’re both married to other people, but are open about their relationship with each other, while not neglecting their spouses. Is this the new face of marriage?

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Pati not the parmeshwar any more for married women

Pati not the parmeshwar any more for married women

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 23 Dec 2015

Expectations from a marriage have gone up on both sides. But what is fuelling it?

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Is it possible to have a perfect marriage when the sex life is far from perfect?

Sexual chemistry (& physics & geography) :) is vital to a marriage. However, in a relationship if the couple is at odds regarding the freq...

Can friction over money break a couple despite love?

Money is never an easy subject to address, especially in a romantic relationship. If it's a live-in then it's even worse. But friction does ...

Married couples arguing

Is it ever okay for married couples to argue in front of kids? Maybe when they are older. Or should parents always keep the unpleasant aspects of a... Read More

Why do married couples cheat? and if they do, why don't they take a stand for either of the persons in their lives?

Why do married couples cheat? and if they do, why don't they take a stand for either of the persons in their lives?

Why can't society let married couples without kids be? Is having kids a mandatory social norm?

Why can't society let married couples without kids be? Is having kids a mandatory social norm?

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I Feel Unloved | My Husband May Throw Me Out | Seek Help | Bonobology.Com

Husband may throw me, daughter out one day

Seema Posted on : 22 May 2017

Start by beginning to take care of your own happiness. Seek financial independence for yourself. Remember whatever you do, you are a role model to your daughter.

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Ask Deepak | Want To Relocate For Career But Husband Doesn

I want to relocate to another city for my career, but my husband doesn't. How should I go about it?

Name withheld Posted on : 09 May 2016

You are in a classic fix of having to decide between two important values; your personal happiness and your marriage. It is not uncommon for married couples to live in different cities because of financial or career related reasons.

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Ask Deepak | Not Attracted To My Wife Now Due To Her Weight. Should I Randomly Hook Up? | Bonobology

My wife has put on a lot of weight, and I don't feel sexually attracted to her anymore. How do I deal with it?

Ankur Posted on : 06 Apr 2016

You can take solace in the fact, that sooner or later, the same is true for the majority of couples, even if you were married to a super model.

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Got married with my crush but she does not know

My marriage is arrange marriage. Luckily I got married to my crush whom I loved from my college days..She is very beautiful & talented girl...I always... ... Read More

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