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Does expression of love change after marriage? |

Saying 'I love you' through grocery lists, bills and milk cans

- Prerna Shah
Posted on : 16 Apr 2016

Prerna Shah ponders on how 'I love you' is said in her marriage, without actually saying it out loud, and how hundreds of couples do the same

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Falling in Love and Maintaining a Marriage |

Of love, cartridges and razor blades

- Jamshed V Rajan
Posted on : 29 Apr 2016

Maybe, marriages are made in heaven but on earth, they are a high maintenance affair. Blogger Jammy, in his inimitable style, gives us the inside story about why and how getting falling in love saved India's failing economy.

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Is This Love? Then I Think I

Love in the time of cell phones

- Avantika Debnath
Posted on : 15 May 2016

Avantika Debnath is disillusioned with love, lovers and all things love-related

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Love which turned into Domestic Abuse in Marriage |

A dreamy love story that became a real-life nightmare

- Shagufta Kalim
Posted on : 16 May 2016

Shagufta Kalim writes about a couple that went from being married young, having children and a happy family, to facing challenges, emotional fallout and domestic abuse, before the wife decided to wake up from the nightmare.

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Bonobology | Divorce | Letter from Wife To Husband | It Was My Fault, Too

Dear husband...Our divorce is my fault, too

- Madhuri Banerjee
Posted on : 03 Jun 2016

Madhuri Banerjee shares a heart rending letter from a wife to her estranged husband, where the wife takes responsibility for her role in their separation and impending divorce

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Bonobology | The Husband Who Couldn

The husband who couldn't stop buying books

- Aekta Kapoor
Posted on : 12 Jun 2016

The love of books brought them together. Aekta Kapoor gives a breezy account of the husband who couldn’t stop buying books, and the wife who couldn’t help reading them

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The stereotyping of the husband-wife relationship

Why is there a stereotyping of the husband as a henpecked man with a roving eye and living in fear of the spouse and the wife always as a na...


Divorce trends in urban India through the legal lens

Delhi based ace lawyer Osama Sohail speaks to us about the newest trend of most couples seeking divorce with mutual consent to avoid hassles...

Can one person love three persons at the same time?

I am struggling since last 1.5 years to get an answer of the question..that can one person love three persons at the same time?

2 ... Read More

Exclusivity in an extra-marital affair

I recently came across a friend who is faced with a strange problem. He is married, but in love with another married woman. He wants to be exclusively... Read More

Second marriage

Marrying again after losing your spouse in the 30s , requires different set of skills as opposed to the first marriage. When you marry for the first t... Read More

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Ask Deepak | In Love With My Brother

I am in a secret intimate relationship with my brother's wife, and feel guilty about it. How do I get out of this mess?

Name Withheld Posted on : 08 Jun 2016

It would be helpful to urge your sister-in-law to find a way out on her own from the marriage or the issues that she faces with her husband, your brother.

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Ask Deepak | I Want To Work But Husband Won

I'm educated and want to work, but my husband is absolutely against it. How do I convince him?

Name Withheld Posted on : 01 Jun 2016

This is common between husband and wife in a marriage, to stop being assertive about things that matter for the fear of upsetting each other or losing the goodness of status quo.

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I had an Arranged Marriage and my husband is Gay |

I had an arranged marriage, but found out that my husband is gay, and his partner lives in the same house. How do I get out of this mess?

Name Withheld Posted on : 23 Feb 2016

You are going through a really tough time at the moment. I can imagine it may have disorienting effects on you and undermine your confidence to deal with your situation and gaining more control over your life than you feel you have currently.

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