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Of Studs and Sluts | Bonobology

Of studs and sluts

- Lokesh Dharmani
Posted on : 21 Dec 2016

Why is it OK to objectify women but not men, and why are large age differences acceptable only when men are older?

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What is the current trend on Matrimonial sites |

What men and women look for when browsing online matrimony sites

- Saumya Tewari
Posted on : 23 Mar 2017

Indians prefer matrimony portals to dating sites when they marry and caste and community still important in matrimony, says the Head of Marketing,, popularly known as Bharat Matrimony

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Monogamy and Marriage | Bonobology

Feminism denied both men and women the right to sleep with multiple partners

- Raksha Bharadia
Posted on : 21 Jan 2016

Psychologist Deepak Kashyap says straight people have changed the idea of marriage over the past hundred years.

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Importance of Emotional trust in Relationships | Bonobology

A difference of tempo

- Vipul Rikhi
Posted on : 22 Feb 2017

Perhaps the gender gap would be reduced if men and women changed the tempo of their emotional involvement

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Sex then and now - How has it changed? | Bonobology

Sex, then and now

- Komal Soni
Posted on : 29 Mar 2017

From a society that celebrated sex to one that suppressed it and then again began opening up, India has come a long way

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Men And Divorce | Facts About Divorce In India | Bonobology.Com

Seven things you didn’t know about men and divorce

- Shonee Kapoor
Posted on : 24 May 2017

He busts some myths about why men should not file for divorce in India

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Older woman, younger man

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Why is women dating younger men cosidered some kind of stupid black magic?!

Why is women dating younger men cosidered some kind of stupid black magic?! I know a few such couples where the females have been labelled a...

When it comes to young men and older women dating each other, I think this combination kind of works. With the maturity levels matching better, the compatibility is better. What say?

When it comes to young men and older women dating each other, I think this combination kind of works. With the maturity levels matching better, the... Read More

Why do some younger men find older women more attractive?

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Why are older women falling on younger guys for fulfillment of their desires ?

Why are older women falling on Younger guys for fulfillment of their desires ? Somehow they are often not sexually attracted to their husbands, desir... Read More

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My Boyfriend Loves Me But Is Abusive | Seek Help Here | Bonobology.Com

My loving boyfriend is abusive, what do I do?

Binny Posted on : 26 May 2017

Love is never abusive. If your little sister was being beaten up what would you tell her?

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My husband had an affair with my sister

Name Withheld Posted on : 07 Jun 2017

Accept their apology and check whether you can rekindle your spark

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I feel no one is 100% monogamous because we are so humane

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Loveless marriage

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The girl who is never approached

I feel so sad and forever alone because guys never approach me and I don't understand. I am 5'6 and weigh 125 lbs and I don't think I am ugly. I have ... ... Read More

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