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He sends money back to his parents; why can’t I?

They are a very well adjusted couple and share everything. Except that he sends his parents money but won't agree to her doing the same for her parents
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We agree on everything, except for one thing

“My husband Martin and I live in the UK. He is a communication engineer and I am in research. We both are postgraduates and earn almost the same, totalling to a good income at home. We have one daughter and take equal responsibility of the child and home. There is no gender disparity in our home with regard to any work. I don’t even have to ask for help. He is always around the house with me after work.”

“We make joint decisions with regard to vacations, investments and all money matters. We have been agreeable from the beginning about financial matters and that has been one of the successful aspects of our marriage. The plan was that my salary be used for our livelihood in the UK and Martin’s salary for the EMI of our house back in India, investment for our daughter’s college education and our vacations,” said Ann.

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Why can’t I take care of my parents like my husband takes care of his?

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