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Serendipity is an interesting event; you don’t know when it will happen and it is difficult to analyse why it is happening. Serendipity is indeed beautiful than a dream which cannot be crafted. I believe in chaos theory, Oh Yea! I need to describe it for you. So according to chaos theory random events emerge as a pattern in the end and then you connect the dots to realise that it was not just mere coincidence.

I was sitting at Kuala Lumpur Airport lounge waiting for my flight to India. I had double shot espresso in one hand and reading Bonobology’s quixotic posts. I have no idea that when my eyes lost the track of the read and accord with beautiful eyes of an Indian girl. She was wearing striking yellow top and jeans, giggling with her mother and I assumed that she was also heading towards India. I kept looking at her, admiring her and there was craving inside me to speak to her. Oh god! Help me out. Suddenly, god smirked in my thoughts and said ‘I help those, who help themselves’. God came to my rescue and I went to the boarding gate and approached an air hostess who was preparing her list for the boarding. I explained her level of attraction towards the Indian girl and asked if she can help me out or not. She leered and asked me where she is sitting; I indicated the location of the girl with my fine skill of landmark indication. The air hostess swiftly went to the girl and checked her boarding pass; she exchanged few words and dashed back to the boarding gate. She told me, certainly she can help me out, and she took my boarding pass and upgraded my class from economy to business. I understood that my new crush has her seat in business class. I smiled and thanked the air hostess for helping me out. Yes, we exchanged the numbers and became friends. That is another interesting story which I will narrate some other time.< Soon we boarded the flight and we both were sitting together. The air hostess had done her job by placing me next to her. A long flight, beautiful company and her mother not sitting in our row; perfect Launchpad for me. Flight took off and she got lost in reading a fashion magazine. Fashion is a big time waterloo for me, and to strike a conversation around fashion can become little embarrassing. The mind started calculating and I was in need of a desperate support fire to soften the target before launching the first phase of attack. Wisdom prevailed and I asked her that is she a fashion designer. She looked at me and a little smile appeared on her lips, she replied ‘I can be a fashion journalist as well’. I lost the way while admiring her lips, tiny pink lips with pink gloss applied on it. I felt like kissing her but I controlled my desire and bounced back with a reply. I told her that I have never seen a beautiful fashion journalist but I have few friends who are fashion designer and they are almost stunning like her. She laughed and asked me what I do. I enlightened her with my profession and we started tête-à-tête right there. I was successful in striking the conversation but I wasn’t sure how long I would sustain. My blood must be rushing too fast in my veins as I was feeling the spike in blood pressure. Will I be able to take her on a date after reaching Delhi? Is this serendipity has any real implications? The rest we will discover in my next post.


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