Seven commandments for the bedroom!

Married life starts from your bedroom and can be tumbled over by the same bedroom. No kidding, lack of chemistry with your spouse a.k.a. a sleeping partner can turn your goodnight’s sleep into a battlefield. To avoid that happening and to restore your peace for sleep, follow these seven commandments for the bedroom.

Starting with the side of the bed, people, please stick to your side and don’t hover on your spouse’s side of the bed. Unless you want to get kicked out of the bed in the middle of the night.

Since the blanket is big enough for two of you, stop having it all for you and share! Sharing se Pyaar badhata hai, remember? And for the love of God, stop snoring already!

The bedroom of a married couple is a room for love, peace and sleep. So when coming to bed, please take a shower and clean your body. Sleeping beside a smelly spouse is not a turn-on.

And please don’t eat anything that gives out a foul smell when you breathe before coming to bed. While we are at it, don’t pass bogging fumes by farting and burping when your spouse is near. It kills our sleep!

Take care of the above matters and don’t forget to hug your spouse ‘good night, sweetheart’ before going to sleep. Amen.

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