Break-up & Loss

Seven years of bliss until one unfortunate visit

Ananya shares a story of love gone wrong. Read more to find out.
Red Color Splash

(As told to Ram Kumar)

Seven years of pure bliss – till last year, when it all came crashing down. Today I’m twenty-four, battered of heart, but a wiser soul.

We both grew up in a small town in South India, studied in schools opposite each other. His was an all-boys, mine a co-ed. Boys would cross the shaded road to hang out with their friends from my school. We got to know each other and soon fell in love. I was sixteen and it was beautiful. Both he and I thought it was meant to be… forever.

For higher studies we both moved to different cities. Still we held on – all our spare moments were spent over the phone, writing letters, cyber-chatting.

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