Sex is about awkward/funny moments

*By Moumita Chatterjee

“My stomach made that noise, I SWEAR I DIDN’T FART!” – marks the origin of dirty talking. (Kidding.)

I’ve always been fond of humor and find it to be quite strange when people around me remark that I sort of emit laughter by just standing next to them (happened to me at a dog’s funeral).

So for me to have a sex life without laughs was definitely a big: LOL, NO. Luckily my partner is also my best friend. So trust me when I say that the transition from a hot make out session to breaking down into fits of laughter because he had to sneeze in between, is literally what Tumblr means by #goals.

Everyone talks about how your first time should be with someone who loves you and whom you are comfortable with. But that comfort goes right out the window along with your new lingerie set that was meant to blow his mind, because only you know how freaky it can get.

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When you finally get to it, you understand what the deal is – it’s not just comfort, it’s about how easy everything feels, and how you don’t have to pull your stomach in or worry about your bangs parting and exposing your plateau of a forehead. I personally find it extremely hot when my boyfriend and I are getting intimate and probably crack each other up by saying or doing something unexpected and then casually getting back to business. I am glad my girlfriends don’t care for TMI since they have funny anecdotes to share me with all the time.

Here are some to make you laugh for the next time it happens to you!

Once my friend was going down on her boyfriend and totally getting into the mood. Like many men, her partner loves how she looks with her hair untied. So to set the ‘mood’ further, he untied her hair. Suddenly, to his horror there is TOO MUCH HAIR, more than he thought he could handle. Sure, the bangs look cute when she wears her hair right, but try keeping those strands in check when set loose. Just try. When she realized the struggle, they both had a hearty laugh and went on to have some great sex!

Too much hair
Too much hair

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Another time my friend (a different one) was really excited to show off a few ‘new moves’ to her boyfriend that she may or may not have read in a leading women’s magazine. As her boyfriend came home that evening, she got straight to it! To her surprise a few things she tried really intensified the mood, she could feel his body resisting an urge and tightening up at times. She obviously took this as a great sign, but all he was trying to do was control the urge to giggle because he was highly ticklish! When he finally gave in, a half confused half offended girlfriend and her sheepish boyfriend shared what they recall as the weirdest and funniest sexperience ever!
So in my opinion, sometimes it is completely fine to bid goodbye to hot and steamy sex and make room for some goofy sex! Trust me, it’ll be more memorable!

*Moumita is strong believer of retail and spa therapy, an ardent follower of YashRaj movies, an incessant talker, and a Big Fat Indian wedding enthusiast. Her disclaimer: Beware of Big Bong Eyes.

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  1. Nice one!

    Once you start getting comfortable with your partner then it’s just not about hot and sensuous sex, it’s being together and enjoying the moment. Sex can be funny and sexy at the same time. You just need to be comfortable and honest with each other…

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