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10 sex related myths that most men believe

Myths are often believable, but some take them way too literally.
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Just because it’s on WhatsApp doesn’t make it true

Myths are fun to learn and they are often passed on by our peers or elders. It’s always nice to be self-aware, but the lack of it makes people fall in a puddle of assumption where you stain yourself with prejudices and lies. Sex myths among men can be serious because they usually end up believing in them. It is mostly tiring to hear them freak out on and get worked up for myths that were probably passed on their WhatsApp group.

Women are likely to turn lesbian

Yeah, sure, can someone stop men from watching porn.

These is a weird thing men believe in, where they think that women are likely to turn lesbian. Okay first of all, no one can “turn” themselves into a lesbian, sexuality is not a shirt for people to wear and throw off whenever they want to (read: it’s different for sexually fluid people/people identifying themselves as queer). Second, sexuality is there by default, stop assuming a women’s sexuality.

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Men are supposed to be the dominant kind on the bed

Clearly they need to understand the dynamics of being dominant or submissive.

These indicate the gender role given by the society and clearly is gender biased. Men aren’t necessarily dominant, while women aren’t necessarily submissive. These are traits which vary from people to people.

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Large tool gets the best sex

No, sire. You just need to know ways around with a tool; the size of it won’t enhance performance.

Men go crazy with their ding-dong sizes, which usually creates a sort of insecurity in them. In fact, large sizes can end up making intercourse painful. There isn’t any ideal size chart of the men’s tool, and surely it doesn’t affect one’s sex life. You just need to know how you can steer the ride, just like a captain knows his way around his ship.

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Men can’t have anal penetration

As sad as it is, this very homophobic myth has been going out for quite some time.
Anal penetration for men is equally great and satisfying. Ask a gay man who has done it, and in fact many men enjoy themselves from anal stimulation and these men are heterosexuals as well. Why miss out on the fun just because you have heard some phony myth over a WhatsApp group.

Women experience orgasm through intercourse

There’s a handful of women, about 20-30%, who have experienced that.

This myth has often created reluctance amongst men who don’t visit downtown that much. Men need to understand that orgasm for women doesn’t always work that way. It takes a few trips downtown or some conscious effort to make that happen. Women’s masturbation is also a taboo which has created a lot of problems. Proper Sex Ed sessions should still make a dent on this myth, but then again it’s going to take a while.

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Good sex = A better life

No, good sex can’t dictate what goes on in your life.

Your life can’t be judged by your performance on bed. Sex can only enhance one’s life experiences but never dictate it. Even though sex is important, it can’t be what makes life better.

Masturbating while thinking about a different person makes you unfaithful

It is quite natural to be sexually attracted to people other than your partner.

Masturbation can’t dictate the morals of monogamy. One can definitely feel sexually attracted to someone else other than their partner, which is very natural. In case you feel guilty about it, don’t.

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Men need to perform better

This has a lot to do with the normative conditioning of our society.

Men don’t need to perform better and there’s no rule that they have to do so. This myth often leads to performance anxiety, which ruffles up the sex life of many people.

Women don’t watch porn

They definitely do and maybe more than you’ll ever know.

Women do watch porn and it’s a kind of generalised myth which makes us believe that women don’t. If you do feel that they don’t, give me one solid reason for why they shouldn’t.

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Men like to stay on top

No, it doesn’t always work that way.

Sex is something which can be creative, not necessarily conventional, but mostly it can get convenient for men and less for the one on the receiving end. Men don’t always go on top, and women don’t always stay down. This is a very regressive way of putting in sex roles out of gender-biasedness.

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